Narcissists Make Dangerous Leaders

tmp_8876-FB_IMG_14435490534721363468832If there’s anything history has taught us, especially in the 20th century, is that narcissistic personalities promising wonderful  (and impossible) things can be at minimum a bad decision to at worst a disasterous one.

From Mao to yes, Hitler we’ve seen this movie before. Charismatic narcissists acquiring power usually turns out very bad. I’m not comparing Trump to either of those monsters, except in personally type. All 3 promised wonderful and impossible changes in the status quo. They never keep those. They can’t. So once they have the power they lust after, and either find they can’t give the masses what they want, or they never had any intentions of doing so in the first place, they turn to scapegoating  (in Mao’s case he delivered on his, and ended up killing 30 million of his people through starvation), or in a republic such as ours they blame those who block or ‘defy’ them. This was usually the common practice in pre-Caesar Rome when the Senate still existed.

Trump would never attempt genocide, or try to take over the world, but no one in the general public has ever seen what he does when backed into a corner, or not gotten what he wants politically. And, frankly, I’d prefer not to. Now  Hillary to be sure is a narcissistic personality. But she’s American Royalty. So that’s understandable. But she’s got zero charisma. That part I like. Her experience also is in dealing with other world leaders, not hosting reality TV shows showcasing his narcissism and stroking it. Between a match of the two, I’d have to hold my nose and vote for the lesser of two evils, as is ALWAYS the case in American politics.

Now during  the Sixty Minutes interview and during a stump speech today  (during which he read from notes, something he never does) Trump did indeed finally say what his policy proposals are. No doubt not one of them thought up by the man himself.  He doesn’t do policy because he’s not a politician. So far that’s been his primary appeal. People will regret their love for that quality if he attains power. But the lackeys who wrote his impossible ideas are either insane, or just being paid very well. The latter being more likely.

Charisma plus narcissism is always a bad thing to elevate to power, history has shown us. Those personalities promise the world and when they can’t deliver, bad things have typically happened. Frankly I hope Biden runs. No charisma, not a narcissistic personality, sounds about right.  But the universe help us if this country full of people who don’t pay attention to politics, or in many cases are just stupid, give Trump the power he lusts after. To quote the “Oracle”, “What do all men with power want? More power.”