I’m a Puppy…Now What? Part 1


Pictured above are Chuck Braidwood, Brian Mailley, and Matty AKA Pup Bayard

What is a puppy?

I get asked this all the time. I found the best answer on www.humanpups.com:

A puppy or dog is a human pet. It can be a male or female who identifies closely with real biological pups/dogs and lets go their human inhibitions and stress to embrace their animal instinct. They live in the moment, their entire existence revolves around getting a pat on the head, being told they are a good puppy, exploring anything and everything that looks interesting or fun, even if it’s sniffing someone in public. A pup/dog may take on the persona of a biological canine to varying degrees from being on all fours chasing balls and barking instead of talking to only taking on the personality of a pup/dog but retaining their human abilities.

For me it’s an emotional place in my head that I can go to and be at peace with myself. I can be free.

I found my inner pup pretty quickly and released it easily, this cannot be said for all pups out there. For some it takes time and patience to get to this place.

How did I start?

I started exploring things and contacted my friend who was a pup.  He directed me to get in touch with his Sir. I contacted him and this was our initial conversation./

Bayard Matty

I mean the first question is how do I become a pup


What makes you feel like that is who you are? Describe what/who a pup is to you.

  • somewhat submissive, if not fully, the feeling if being petted, hair scratched, etc is majorly appealing. The feeling of being a pet makes me happy. I think that’s what I’m trying to say.

    Nicely said.

    I feel like as a sub obeying the command given is important as in training my dog vic at home


    So you have a dog? What kind?

    Pit bull mix, I’m a foster daddy


    Excellent. Think about Vic… What is the natural instinct of him? What is the nature of him? And most dogs, for that matter.

    Starts off wild and free, needs to be trained, sometimes forced into submission to understand rules. Obedient once fully trained. Playful and loyal


    I would say, trained or not, a puppy is, like you said, playful and loyal. They also show unconditional love. Would you agree?

    Yes. Very much so…


    Submission and obedience is owner specific. Agreed?

    Yes. You asked for my opinion on my pup


    So let’s now look at the nature of who you are. Do you find your self to be a person of unconditional love, loyalty, playfulness…

    Yes, definitely…


    Do you feel a sense of service?

    Service to those around me? Of wanting to please?


    Service can mean a lot of things, that’s true. Service to community service to people service to friends. What does it mean to you

    Depends on the situation honestly. You named it. Community, helping others around me, volunteering at affirmations, etc. People, taking care of them both in good times and bad. Friends, just loyalty is key. Family unconditional love.


So let’s say you are at an event where there are a variety of human pups. Would you be a pup who would rather play with a bunch of other pups in a mosh pit?

Depends on the mood of the pups around, I would have to feel them out first. Explore, especially in a first time environment


What appeals to you most about being a pup

The thought of being ones pet…i dont know how to describe that feeling. Being owned, being there for them, bringing enjoyment, while playing at the same time


You certainly fill The role of a pup quite well, if you don’t mind me saying so.

The thought of sitting at someone’s feet while they play with my hair and pet my back makes me happy. Showing them love and ffection back through my actions whether through playfulness, or through whatever way I’m told appeals to me. Can a pup be a switch?


I was told I was a switch


Being a pup is so much more that submission and obedience.

I prefer submissiveness, but sometimes a dominant side comes out. I’m just saying, i know there’s soooo much more which is why I’m asking questions


Never feel like you have to submit to someone just because you’re a pup. You don’t submit to a Sir just because he’s a Sir. Show a Sir respect and station.

Explain station.


Respect is obvious. Station means how you address a Sir. Using his title of Sir in responses and requests, etc… Make sense?

So I should end my statements to you in sir, sir


I typically prefer it in responses. “Yes Sir” “No Sir”. Not after every message.

Yes sir. So how do I find a sir?


What kind of Sir are you looking for?

Based on my answers so far what kind hold I be looking for? What kinds are there? As you can tell I’m inquisitive. I need a full understanding.


I’d say we are all somewhat different. Highly dominant? Leader? Friend? Mentor? I can tell you the kind of Sir I am and am not.

What if I want someone who is a Lil of all of that


Some Sirs would hold your collar and bond you to him and no other. Some would allow you to still be with whomever you want except when you’re with him.

Not too dominant, but knows when to put me in my place, definitely more of a leader, a mentor, and someone who is a friend. I want some freedom, but I still want to be controlled.



Where do I find a sir like that?


There are a few around. Age preference?

Older than me, but not too old. I look rather young.


Preference to distance from you?

Not too far as I’m learning but I can travel within reason…do you have a sir in mind?


In Michigan? Surrounding States as well?

Prob mi


For me, I request that a pup ask for me to consider being his Sir. What if your Sir has multiple pups or boys?

That doesn’t bother me, i grew up with 4 brothers. Are you taking on new pups sir?


Would you consider a new pup sir?


I certainly think you need mentorship before jumping into a relationship with a Sir. Might be a better place for us to start.

Very understandable. Will you be my mentor sir?


I’d be honored to be your guide and mentor.

This is where I decided 100% that I was finally ready to enter the pupdom community and flew into it head first!!

More to come…


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    Wow. Great stuff!

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    Artemis 3 years

    Loved it. Another wonderful read!

  • comment-avatar
    Devin 3 years

    So? Is it common or “normal” if my pup is “sexting” other pups but hides it from me?!
    I feel cheated n lied to and that’s the only part that bother’s me, insulted my intelligence.
    Should I be angry or?

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    Matty Bayard 3 years

    find me on facebook bayard matty and pm me please

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