It’s more like a soap opera of current events.

Journalism seems to be going through a rough patch. The traditional news mediums are dead and the ones going strong are the ones who can’t go a single story without putting their own spin on it and instead of anchors, they are ‘personalities.’ …whatever the fuck that means. “News outlets” online are ad hubs. Simply there to be mindless drivel for the masses with click-baity titles so you will click on the titles and get bombarded with more ads! A phenomenon, called native advertising, you can find articles that are often written for the purpose of promotion–yay, more advertising!

Buzzfeed is probably the main villain in this scenario. Blatant pandering. On top of its predictive sensationalist, grade-school writing and benighted language, Buzzfeed’s source of income is their page ads and false-content pages. Example would be an ad…I mean story about “9 Apps Your Kids Should Have” and it would be an obvious fluff piece for Google Play or the Apple App Store. Buzzfeed is only slightly better than “The Sun” but still practices that age-old investigative news but instead of going after celebrities, it’s a literary blowjob.

TV choices include: FoxNews: the literary equivalent of a deepthroat blowjob to the Republican party, MSNBC: the literary equivalent of a handjob (with reach-around finger action) to the Democratic Party, CNN: the literary equivalent of a dog chasing its tail, and HLN: the sister company that’s a literary equivalent of watching two dogs getting stuck after mating…it starts out interesting to watch but after a few minutes, it’s just painful.

FoxNews would fellate a goat for the Republican party if they thought it would help them get exclusives for their favorite right-wing nuts. FoxNews would have you believe that they’re not the mouthpiece… well, not you, you’re here so that must mean that you find FoxNews revolting. I can’t find anyone who watches it that isn’t a closet-racist or older than dirt, or both. I could give examples but you and I both have better time spent mowing our lawns or eating shards of glass.

FoxNews is not alone in this fuckfest of political mouthpieces; MSNBC is a fine example of being polar opposite…well, not quite. While FoxNews would flock to the opportunity of making some far-Right lunatic a 15-minute star, MSNBC is more apt to stick to the establishment middle-Left. Back in the 2008 election cycle, they didn’t even mention third-party candidates…granted, I only knew of Rosanne Barr at the time who was ‘running’ but she didn’t even get a minute of recognition… A celebrity in her own right couldn’t get 5 minutes to explain her candidacy. Granted I watched her briefly but I at least spent more than 5 minutes in doing so. They try so hard to bash FoxNews but they aren’t any better at being whores for a political party.

CNN and HLN… Like I said above, CNN is a dog chasing its tail and HLN is two dogs getting stuck after mating. I’ll explain. during the death of Michael Jackson or the missing plane for flight MH370, CNN couldn’t talk about anything else for a week or even two weeks. When there was nothing new, they’d flood the time talking to “experts” and going to Breaking News when there was no news to be had. Still today, MH370 hasn’t been found in its entirety but pieces have and CNN all but forgot about it. I can’t say I’ve seen much come from CNN. The US doesn’t really care about it…it was just a distraction. CNN was also distracted…like its own tail. Even though it got nowhere, at least they stopped from chasing the story further.

HLN, aka Nancy Grace Abduction News, is CNN except with abductions. Don’t you even dare abduct a little white girl…your face or actions will be Nancy Grace’s top story for 2-3 hours…she will talk to everyone AND your dog about it. Nancy Grace, a former prosecutor, knows a thing or two about the law but her pieces are usually filled with slanderous accusations and misleading, often unlawful, bits of ‘news.’ HLN incites hate, not like FoxNews, but will still making you near-homicidal towards accused (but not convicted) murderers, kidnappers, and predators. During the Jody Arias trial, HLN held biased opinions and made them public without discussing much of the facts in the trial. They gave nothing but biased opinions that only incited hate among the viewers.  At this point, HLN is painful to watch.

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