Democracy: Idiocracy Pt. 2

The list goes on. What can we do to better our version of democracy? First we could remove the electoral college. It made sense when it took a months to tally up votes from each nook and cranny. We could then remove all current voting restrictions our citizens have. What’s the common argument? We may have a few bad apples trying to vote twice or whatever. Big deal. It’s not a big deal.

What is the same arguers word when it comes to other kinds of restrictions? “Criminals aren’t going to obey the law, they’ll get their way.” You punish those who break the law. That’s part of their argument on that. That’s my point, too. You go after those who break the law, not those who aren’t breaking any. You also have to sort of create an entrapment so you can catch those who would break the law. Give me the best favoring and unfavoring statistics you’d have on the subject. Voting fraud is scarce.

Democracy is only as good as its people. Every form of government has its corruption… anarchy isn’t the answer or an option. This Utopian world we all wish could exist, won’t. Our current democracy is filled with mollasses and honey for what should be done and what shouldn’t be done seems to get moved through the fastlane. It also doesn’t help that many organizations within our government are in constant pissing contests with other organizations. –State department does this; FBI does that; internal investigations to show off.– It’s a madhouse.

They’re saying the IRS targeted right-wing PACs…the reality was, the IRS was focusing on groups that were constantly asking for special exemptions. When you have many of the same types of groups trying to gain exemptions, you’re going to get red-flagged and yes, you will be looked at. Question thereafter…were any of those PACs revoked? From what I found out, most, if not all, got through.The IRS is one of those organizations that try to stay out of the limelight of our democracy while others try to brighten their feathers to get noticed. FBI and Justice departments both are guilty of being politically motivated to get favors.

My cousin posted a meme the other night about how Republicans have gained control over the House and Senate. I had to reply with a graph showing that while they gained control, Congress has gotten less popular as a result. Yes, Republicans have gained many seats since 2008–since Obama’s election–but they’ve also been seen less favorable. It’s that sort of oversight of obvious truth that makes me giggle. But it also lights up this sad fact: every election cycle Congress gets less popular but the same kind of politicians keep getting elected. Think on that. Everyone thinks that its their politician that isn’t the problem. It is. It doesn’t help that most of them are career lawyers.

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