I’m a Puppy…Now What? Part 2 “Headspace”

This blog is part two of a series, please see part one:

I’m a Puppy…Now What?


Headspace is hard to describe, but I found an amazing site that describes it in many ways:

First, what is headspace? Well, to get to that, let’s recap over what puppy play is, by definition (keep in mind the definition isn’t ALL what puppy play is, but the basis). Puppy play is a type of role play with an emphasis on the altered mind space and canine status. Hear that; altered mind space? This means that the mind morphs. It becomes, in this case, less human. Your mind starts to become more canine. – See more at: Human Puppy Headspace

So, I wondered what it was going to be like to enter headspace for the first time. What was going to happen to me? What were my emotions going to be like? Could I come back out of headspace easily? What happens when I leave headspace?

When talking to a pup friend, Pup Choo from Louisiana, he stated:

Puppy headspace is like releasing the binding and confinement of humanity that you have been raised receptively to your entire life, peeling it away and putting it in a cage, while releasing the primal aspects of your true self and letting it all come out.

I can only share what has happened to me, what I have learned, what I have felt during all of this.  I know it is different for everyone.  Some people can get into headspace quickly, others it takes time and effort. I know what I have gone through.

Let’s look at my first time going into headspace:

I went to a puppy mosh (a play area set up for puppies to play and interact with other puppies), my first one. This was about 2 months after deciding that I was a puppy.  I got permission from my mentor to have a handler (a handler is someone that is there to help and assist you, they are to look out for you in a mosh and ensure your safety above all else) assist me during the mosh.  When I arrived at the mosh I was excited yet nervous.

This was my first time presenting myself as a puppy.  I was excited to see what would happen, all the while nervous as hell. It took me a while to decide that I wanted to play. I sat back and watched the other puppies play around.  Yes like bio-puppies, human puppies will sniff each other, bump into each other, present their dominance or submissiveness to each other, play with chew toys and balls, and drink from dog bowls.

I watched this all unfold in front of me and finally got down on my fours (think of a puppy sitting next to you proudly).  I looked around and liked what I saw from this perspective. I closed my eyes for a few minutes and just listened.  I heard the talking from the other leather enthusiasts and handlers slowly die away. The grunts and growls and barks from the puppies playing started to become more focused in my head.

I just sat there and listened. This warmth started to flow through me from my head to my toes.  I became very calm and filled with happiness. My thoughts as a human slowly pushed out of my head, with the feelings and wants of my pup side starting to creep in and take over. Then suddenly I was pup. It was like someone snapped their fingers and i came to life. I opened my eyes and it was a whole new world to me.

I wasn’t human anymore I was pure puppy.  I looked at my handler, I think he knew it happened.  I began to wag my tail and pull on my leash and move toward the mosh area.  He came with me and unleashed my collar.  I entered the mosh area and felt even more warmth wash over me.  The other puppies came to explore the new pup in the mosh area.  I was elated, one growled at me, I whimpered a second and growled back and he booped my nose. Then we began to play with a ball.

All this time, where were the human thoughts? I don’t know, I just know i was puppy, I was happy, I was playful and energetic. I was Bayard!

I was able to stay in headspace most of the time I was in the mosh. At one point I lost the headspace and sat back and watched. I was overcome with emotions at that point. I was happy and sad at the same time.  I wanted that feeling to come back over me.  I closed my eyes and stayed where I was. The sounds drowned away yet again.  I was brought back to puppy a minute or so later when another puppy came up and butted his head against my side and presented a toy to me.

Here I was on all fours, with toys around me, a bunch of other puppies playing, and I was loving it. I went back and forth between pup and bio mode several times throughout the night. I’m not sure how common this is, but I was happy to have it this way.

I posted this yesterday:

Arf! Yes I said arf! I’m a puppy! I can’t explain it in a short post to you. But what I can say as that as I think more and more about it, the happier and happier I get. I was discussing my blog with the puppy visiting me a little while ago and was astonished at the words that came out of my mouth. He’s seen me flip in and out of puppy mode in seconds. I can fly right into puppy headspace and come out of it instantly…more importantly we identified as soon as I come out of puppy headspace my demeanor changes drastically. I have a huge fall in emotions. This is something I never identified myself until talking with my puppy friend. But I’ve felt it and never discussed it.

This is a new phenomenon to me, does this happen to other puppies out there?

Pup Artemis from Texas commented with this:

Well I have heard of sub drop. And suffered it before. Event drop is also a thing I have to deal with and others. I’m assuming a drop as you come out of puppy mode is a perfectly reasonable thing. In puppy mode your endorphins are flowing you don’t have a care in the world and you are just being your pup self. As you come out the weight of your life crashes back into your mind and can lead to depressed feelings and a general sense of unease or unhappiness. It’s best to find what will help ease those feelings and have it on hand. Cuddles. A small drink. A country drive. Something to relax you and remind you that human mind is not all responsibility and work.

Everyone feels differently upon entering headspace, so I am sure they feel just as differently upon exiting.

When asked to give one to three word statements about what it’s like to be in headspace, these are just some of the answers I have been given:

  • Pup Artemis of Texas calls it: “A Transformative Experience”
  • Pup Tripp of Virginia says he feels: “Completely Natural”
  • Pup Vidhra of New York says he feels: “At Ease”
  • Pup Cerbie of Oregon says he feels: “Relaxed, playful, …….BARK”
  • Pup Blaze of Texas says: “Grrrr arf!”
  • Pup Razer of Michigan says he feels: “Free, Myself”
  • Pup Nova of Kansas says it’s: “Freeing”
  • Pup Gnosis of California says he feels: “Myself, Free, Responsible”
  • Pup Gryphn of Maryland says he feels: “Free, Secure, Loved”
  • Pup Genghis of Ohio says: “Are There Treats?”
  • Pup Daemon of Pennsylvania says: “Woofles!”
  • Pup  Evo of Marykland says he feels: “Freedom, Accepted, Debaucherous!”
  • Pup Bayard, Myself, I feel “Calm, Free, and Alive”

You see, there’s a commonality among us all from all over the United States, we feel amazing in our headspace. Now for me I have to figure out the next step, how to come out of my headspace freely and without the dangerous downward spiral of emotions that I go through.

Hopefully this opens a few more conversations on what being a pup is like, for me it’s an ever changing adventure that makes me always remember the quote tattooed on my shoulder:

I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then!

I hope you all have a fanpuppingtabulous day and stay tuned for the next story of pupdom to come…

Above all #bewhoYOUare



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    Artemis 3 years

    Amazing as always Bayard!!!

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    What’s up, just wanted to say, I liked this blog post. It was inspiring.

    Keep on posting!

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