A Leather Family. A Leather History.


So I know I’m new to this community and have pounced into it in full force. I’m not scared of things or talking to people or I trouncing myself.

Last night was probably the most nervous I’d been in a while. I was invited to the Michigan Band of Brothers meeting. I was kinda geeked yet scared at the same time.

You see the Band of Brothers is made up of the current and former leather title holders in the state of Michigan. I really didn’t know what to expect.

What I got was a very warm welcome. I sat and listened to them discuss upcoming events and changes that needed to be made. They covered what was going on in the community and ways to unify different aspects of the community together.

It was inspiring to see this. At the end all the attendees were allowed to speak and address things going on in their lives and upcoming events they were planning. They went around the table and got to me.

I explained that I was there to learn about the history of leather in our community and discover more about it. I wanted to write my blog and include members in it. I had other thoughts of unity and bringing people together.

One of the members of the group brought up the fact that I contacted him regarding an issue of looks that was thrown at me to be a leader in this community. As I looked around the room, I saw a diverse range of people and was relieved that there is not one set standard that we have to follow.

At the very end I got to witness an amazing tribute of love and honor for the newest member of the Band of Brothers. All of the current members surrounded him, each of them placed a hand on him, one member from his leather group said some very amazing words, and they ended in a chorus of hoo-rah.

It was inspiring to see this and feel terrible love and support that they all have for each other.

Thanks you to everyone for the warm welcome into the community!



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