Another Year Ends

The time has come when some of us realize that the last day of 2015 is next Thursday and we begin to think about what we want to accomplish next year.  How many of you out there do vision boards?  A vision board is where you take magazine clippings or pictures of what you want to accomplish next year.  For example: you can have a picture of a guy or girl with a great body to look at to keep you going to the gym and watching your diet, or you could have a picture of someone in an office symbolizing a promotion you want to get.  Knowing me, I will forget once again to make one, so I decided to put a few in this blog to put it out in the universe.

  1. Successfully complete another semester with no less than a 3.1 GPA
  2. Continue going to the gym to get the body that I am working hard to get.
  3. Enroll in a 4 year school so I can get my BS degree in Political Science.
  4. To be happy and enjoy more of life.

Those are my top 4, and I would love for you to list some of your goals for 2016.  Happy Holidays everyone and thank you for taking time to read my post.

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