I don’t know…

I don’t know which way to turn some days, I don’t know what are the right ways

Fear holds me in a deep state of confusion that makes life hard to face sometimes, it makes life seem scary and dark and even not worth living at times

You have friends and loved ones who push you away, you have people who are there for you and gone the next day

It’s strange to feel loved and wanted then to be left, it creates a hole in your heart a place taken by theft

I know I can change this if I just try, I have to find ways so I don’t cry

I need to find love in myself before I can fly, it’s just so hard to do, my eyes are not dry

People are coming in from all over the place, they are starting to put a smile on this face

It’s going to get better you shall see, it going to get better I will be me


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