The Grand Finale

The grand finale of my life has yet to come. 

I wonder what I may have left to do.

But what’s to wonder?

I want to do everything that there is to do.

Will I fly planes, ride trains, or race automobiles?

Will I play with the lions and tiger and bears?

Will I run outside naked in the snowfall?

Will I splash in puddles in my underwear?

I can’t wait to experience the new and relive the old.

I want to experience a feeling like never before.

Maybe sail around the world in 80 days,

Or just fall in love with someone I adore.

Familial bonds can be broken and rebuilt.

How do you find ways to do so?

Maybe I should just send a card,

Or maybe I should just say no.

I want to end my life on a good note,

Knowing that I did everything I could.

I hope to be happy when the grand finale comes,

Not saying I wonder if I should.


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