Been on PrEP since July. Never actually worried about HIV in that way. It’s never crossed my mind as a death sentence or a bad thing. I grew up watching the world change as the AIDS epidemic came into light, even as a child it was something you heard. The funny thing was, I wasn’t scared of it. It’s a virus, that you can get. Even sometimes with all the protections in the world, it could happen. I went on PrEP because I myself was raped. I didn’t have a choice to discuss status with a person, nor protect myself in basic ways. I went on PrEP because, this virus, this disease, can be stopped in its own way. We have to start by stopping the stigma, stop shaming the people who have been affected by this virus. Many caught it from lovers, trusted people in their lives, some of the most important people to them. They are not dirty, they are the most amazing people on the planet. They are surviving and living to tell their stories. They are healthy. They are undetectable. They are human. They are my friends. They are like family to me.  Why would I deny a relationship with someone because he is hiv+ if I fall in love with that person? Everyone needs to take a moment and think back over the years and ask yourself have you ever asked are you clean? Did you ever say I’m clean? Guess what I did, early on. I learned from my mistake and have never used the phrase again. I hope that you can take a little of this our there and show everyone that we are all clean.


If any of that is worded in a way that offends someone, I apologize!


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