After All, I’m An Asshole.

I will be lying if I was to state that I am a bit unsure of my involvement on this little blog. After suffering from an extreme writer’s block that has plagued me for the better part of a year and a half, I have little faith in how I can be able to go about doing this. Without having to write a word in any of the stories that I used to spend my time obsessing over, it was the bugging of our semi leader, Ted, that got me to come out of the shadows and start writing again.

May God have mercy on my wretched scribes.

With me being the new ‘thing’ to be on here, I think a little introduction will be appreciated. My name is Zach Brehany and at the time of my induction on this site, I am currently twenty years old and in a rough spot, you could say. With me trying my damnest to get my life back on track, after the ridiculous amount of chaos that has erupted, I tend to treat my writing as a form of therapy. When I end up writing, I am probably not going to post articles, essays, or anything like that in terms of politics and things happening in society. The main reason being that I get bored of writing such things and might as well use this as a way of just explaining a life that, to quote some people, is a weird hybrid of an organized crime novel and some high quality British Period piece soap opera.

The majority of my posts will probably be short stories or serialized novels. Back in August, after I had decided to self publish one of my novels (Cinema Sins: Volume One), I already realized that I need to be a novelist. Yeah, the novel wasn’t all that great (due to the publishers using the wrong bloody manuscript), but I am an entertainer at heart and writing is what I must do. Watching countless videos of That Anne Lady (AKA: New York Times Bestselling Author Anne Rice), I figured it was time that these old fingers start creating a beautiful melody on a keyboard with the semi hope of annoying other patrons of this library.

The rate I am going to be publishing works on here will mainly be between Monday and Thursday when I don’t have to go to my little shit job that is funding my survival. I will try to publish at least one to three things a week, but no promises (if I can’t even promise that I will stop drinking black coffee 12 times a day, how can I promise anything?).

Hopefully this little intro gives you an idea of how it is that my brain will be working in relation to me writing on here. Until then…

P.S. The title of this post comes from the French New Wave film: Breathless.


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