Is Pup Becoming Mainstream?

So I took my boyfriend to PetSmart today. We wanted to pick out a tag to match my own tag, that my alpha gave me. A little heart shaped tag. (I like PetSmart since it has the machine that allows you to print on both sides of the tag.)

So we find the tag and get in line and the cashier says to me is this for your puppy or him, pointing to my boyfriend. I was like uhoh…

Here I am standing in my leather, with my collar on, tag hanging down. I’m wearing a hanky around my neck with a bones pattern. And my Mr. Friendly Pup t-shirt. I’m with my boyfriend who also has his collar on.

I start to speak and she stops me and says:

I’m happy to see that you guys can be so free! I think it’s pretty cool what you guys are doing! Keep coming back!

I literally almost cried right there!

This is pretty damn cool. We just want to feel like we can buy the stuff we want and have a place to do it. Thank you to the amazing cashier for not making things awkward!

I hope everyone finds a pet store like this in their area, or that one day we find that it’s okay to be us any where, any time we want!

Just a quick blog so hope you’re having a great day! I know this pup is!

Have a fanpuppingtabulous day!

Much puplove!

?Pup Bayard ?


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