Our Only Hope of Keeping The White House


…Is Hillary Clinton.

Here’s why. I love Bernie Sanders. I love his politics, his ideas and his passion. But his supporters need to come to grip with the fact that he’s not going to win this nomination. He may win Iowa, and most likely New Hampshire. But it ends there for him. I’ve written before how much of a nasty taste in my mouth American Royalty gives me, but at least the Bush dynasty is over. Hopefully for good.

Trump is looking like he’ll definitely win the GOP nomination. Given a choice between a megalomaniacal billionaire with a thin skin (kind of reminds me of Kim Jon Un), and a very experienced royal, I’m going to have to go with the royal. Every national poll shows her defeating Trump by a healthy margin, but Sanders would be neck and neck with the fascist. A hell of a lot can change between now and November, and Hillary can’t seem to shake this “damn” (thanks Bernie!) email problem. But the oppo research on Trump is so rich (no pun intended), so juicy, Hillary’s campaign could bury him in his own filth while simultaneously staying on the issues that actually concern the voters. I’d love the debates.

UPDATE: this blog officially endorses no one. We don’t even all agree about this. And if I’m wrong, and Sanders wins the nomination, I’ll post a video of me chewing my shoe. No one thought a young one-term senator who’s black would become a two–term president. But if Sanders wins the nomination, I can almost guarantee a Trump presidency. Enjoy that.

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    I imagine the Trump presidency would scare more people into being more leftist in choosing the next president. I think you’re missing data in the assumption, however. Moderates dislike him. Within my group of friends there’s a couple that are in favor of Rubio or Kasich and both pledged to vote Democrat if Trump gets the nomination. Also remember there’s an Electoral College with 24 states that can vote for a personal favorite without it being illegal. How many of them are truly moderates…many. Just because there’s 25% favorability for Trump doesn’t mean the other 75% will vote for him if their guy loses to trump in the Primary.

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    True, but Trump has proven brilliant at manipulation. The media, and he’ll have no trouble with the sheeple (your friends excluded). I don’t recall any election in my lifetime when a state has gone against the results of their votes. If you’re aware of one, enlighten me.

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    I actually like Rubio, despite being a diehard Democrat. But I still couldn’t see myself voting for him.

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    Also, regarding Kasich, 20 years ago he ALWAYS guest hosted for Rush Limbaugh. That automatically makes him turn my stomach.

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