Social Media Silence…

This is weird for me to say, but it’s been a quiet 18 hours so far since I turned off all my social media outlets.

I turned Facebook off, I turned messenger off and I am taking a break from them. I don’t know that I need to 72 hours of media silence but it seems to be quite the calming atmosphere. If people want to talk to me they find ways, it’s quite funny the addiction we have built up to social media outlets.

Can you do it? Can you last 24 hours with no social media interaction what so ever. No Facebook, no twitter, no instagram. I would call those the big three in today’s society right now.

I mean you could take it to the extreme I did last year and turn much phone off and throw it in a drawer for a week. It was the quietest, loneliest week I had ever had in my entire life.

I don’t want to go back to that extreme, but sometimes you just need a break to refocus on life. Talk one on one to the people who love and care about you and just focus on real life for a while.

I’ll be back. I always am, but with a new thinking and a new focus on life, that’s why I take this break from social media, so I can refocus. Be the real me for a little while. Find me!

Much love and have fanpuppingtabulous day all!


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