Top 3 Worst Simpsons Characters…ever.

  1. Marge Simpson – There’s not a single episode where I cared if Marge Simpson existed or not. She has the voice of a chipmunk with emphysema. She’s supposed to be the moral statue of the family. Always there to tell you where you went wrong but never be the one to actually make an effort to change behaviors. …I take back with what I said before… there were episodes where I cared about Marge. These episodes are of Marge when she was young. Probably a better character than the adult one we have to put up with.
  2. Grandpa Simpson – I can’t even bring myself to writing about him. There’s nothing redeeming about him. He’s just a tired old man with nothing interesting to talk about. One episode where he’s a boxer is mildly amusing.
  3. Waylon Smithers – Finally, I’d like to introduce Smithers as the only likeable gay character in the show. That said, he’s shown to just be a drag on the story. His continuous admiration for the billionaire, Mr. Burns, is sweet but it’s been how long since he “came out”?  Find someone else! Mr. Burns is ass-backwards and the show points it out. This only makes Smithers not just Burns’ pansy but his accomplice. Smithers doesn’t need the prison time and Burns would quickly sell him out.

(3 of my favorite characters: Ralph Wiggum, [Todd, Rod Flanders], Dr. Nick Riviera)

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