The US Should Become a Single-Payer Player

Because single-payer systems have been known to be more efficient in other countries, healthcare costs less for businesses. What is the No. 1 gripe among companies having to provide healthcare? Just that. It costs too much money and businesses could use that money to hire more employees. Regardless if you think that’s just a load of BS (because often enough, they will just pocket most of it), it can be true. In Canada, the three major auto manufacturers (Ford, GM, Chrysler) have all publicly endorsed Canada’s single-payer system. In the US, Ford pays more for its workers’ health insurance than it does for the steel to make its cars.

Single-payer doesn’t depend on the job you’re at. Whether you’re a student, professor, or working part-time to raise children, you’re provided with care. Not only does this lead to a healthier population, but it’s also beneficial from an economic standpoint: workers are less-tied to their employers, and those that dislike their current positions can find new work without worrying if their insurance company will tie over.

Single-payer doesn’t depend on government-appointed physicians. Health insurance companies however do dictate which doctors they support. Single-payer systems do not have “in-network” or “out-of-network” differences and the hospitals or private doctors can bill without worry that their patient will be covered for a procedure.

Single-payer doesn’t mean longer waits. Canada, UK, etc do have a slight length of time longer to wait for elective surgery but all other care does not see a high length of time to wait. We’re also a bigger country. 330M people with two-thirds paying into the system, we’ll have money to hire for less wait time.

The only thing that single-payer will have to worry about is expenses…but even if they stay the same, the facts have been laid out by non-partisan groups that says that if we maintained the prices that we have today, the total amount of people paying into the system will be more than enough to cover it and our people would be able to save that money they are spending toward healthcare and pay toward education and healthier eating habits for their family.

Myths about it costing us too much come from the same camp that use an example that would put people paying into single-payer with also paying their normal monthly premiums to health insurance companies. Myths about it becoming inefficient is untested…Some are better than others when it comes to government programs…as some businesses are better than others. Just to name of the few of the most successful and helpful: the NIH, CDC, and SS. Even consider Medicare, the government program for the elderly, its overhead is approximately 3%, while in private insurance companies, overhead add up to 15%.

The fact is laid out here; plain and simple, and no BS.

I will make a  point about it going towards our Constitution’s promise of insuring domestic tranquility, promoting the general welfare, and securing the blessings of liberty. A healthy nation is a safe nation. Inadequate healthcare kills our citizens at a much higher rate. If we can do anything to hinder that, even slightly, we should do it.

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