This Man Would Be a Planetary Threat

Who? I think you know who. For someone running for the office that has the “football” never far away from him, handcuffed to some Air Force colonel’s wrist, to be cavalier in ANY WAY about the release of nuclear weapons is just not done. Ever. Our policy on  our own nuclear weapons has been, for over 70 years, that they are only even contemplated in the event that we, or our allies, are themselves attacked with them. They unfortunately are a necessity in the world we have. As a deterrent only. They are not the kind of weapon you consider using against anyone. Ever. I don’t give a shit how low the yield.

Now, everyone’s having a great laugh at Trump’s expense about “nuclear climate change” and just how much of an astonishing idiot he is. But there actually is such a thing. It’s called “nuclear winter”. A theoretical outcome of unbelievably widespread use of extremely powerful  hydrogen bombs. So called “city killers”. Yields in the 10 to 50 megaton range. In theory, the sheer volume of fallout and earth they’d throw into the atmosphere could cause a global cover of radioactive clouds that could block the sun for centuries. Making the entire surface of the planet uninhabitable for most land-dwelling life. It’s that possibility that has kept the US and Russia from going over the cliff. And Trump talking about letting Japan, S. Korea, Saudi Arabia and many others just go ahead and build their own would possibly bring about the very thing he made up and spit out from his garbage disposal of a mouth. Actually it’s not a garbage disposal. It’s the opposite.

I’m just going to let Tony do his work and deal with this mess of a human being. I’m becoming more and more speechless.

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