Do You RSS?


Do you have an RSS feed reader? Make sure to add our site so you don’t miss anything!

What is an RSS feed you ask? Let me start by asking if you have a lot of blogs or webpages you follow? Do you have to go to each one to see if they have updates? Do you sometimes miss important things because you forget to go check? Having a hard time catching up? An RSS feed reader allows you to have all of your websites monitored for you and update you when something is new.

There are many different kinds of feed readers. You can get ones for your phone or for your desktop. The one I am currently using is done through Google and is an add on for Chrome! All you have to do is run a Google search for “Best RSS reader  for _____ (insert your device here: Android, Apple, or PC)” and decide which one fits you best based on research already done for you. OR if you use Google Chrome then do a Google search for “Google RSS reader” and it pops right up!




Add us! Once you have your reader set up it will ask you to add pages! Make sure you go to where you can add a link and put in! You’ll pick the one that says “feed.”

Any questions?