I Was Pro Bernie Until….

I have only written one political post since I’ve become a member of this blog, because my interest mostly lies with spaceflight and the exciting ways SpaceX is changing the landscape of spaceflight.  Tonight, though, I have decided to write a personal opinion about where I now stand in the election.

I have been an avid supporter of Bernie Sanders and I still believe in the message that he has made part of the conversation, about fair wages and how this country is for everyone, not just the 1 percent.  I have voted for Bernie in the primary, but in the past month, I have noticed something that has bothered me and now I have come to realize that it has become a HUGE problem.

I’ve noticed that on pro-Bernie sites have been articles that has been horribly damaging to Hillary Clinton and very little to no stories of anti-Trump.  I’ve noticed that these stories that have been circulating have been Republican stories that have been circulating on pro-Bernie sites in order to further divide the democratic voters.  I’ve started thinking to myself, especially with the FBI probe against Hillary and the fact that Hillary has been on the verge of arrest for the past 2 months now has opened my eyes that the Republicans have in fact succeeded in giving their nominee, Donald Trump, a bigger chance on winning because these voters have been so tainted by false stories and conspiracy theories.  People have grown to hate Hillary so much now that even if and when Bernie asks for unity and support Hillary, they won’t follow his wishes because of one reason or another, when the enemy is not Clinton, it’s Donald Trump, and they either somehow see Clinton and Trump the same or believe the theory that Clinton has been paying off people and voter fraud that even I believed for a while.

Yes, Hillary Clinton has been on the wrong side of history in the past, and although Bernie Sanders has always fought for gay rights and voted no on the Iraq war, Clinton has come to the right side of history, so has our President, and thank God lots of people who once were against gays being able to marry.  If people didn’t evolve, we’d never progress and evolve as a people.  We would become stuck in one ideology and we all know that is the Republican Party has become that and much worse.  But let me say this, Hillary has NEVER used race or used fear or racist rhetoric in her campaign.  She is now pro-gay and is champion of a $15 dollar minimum wage, although we all know that she was only in support of $12 minimum wage originally.  No, Hillary is not known for her honesty, but Donald Trump is absolutely scary.  He’s supported things that Hitler was for, has the support of the North Korea dictator, KKK endorsement, and he is being sued for the bogus Trump University and not to mention the four times he’s been bankrupt.  Its absolutely terrifying that Donald Trump could use our military at his disposal, and we already know the violence his supporters has caused fellow Americans of ethnic decent or Muslim religion.

Hillary Clinton was a good Secretary of State and was right there with President Obama in The Situation Room when our troops captured and killed Bin Laden.  She’s served the state of New York as a senator, so she knows how to get things passed in Congress (IF we vote out the majority Republican in both the House and Senate), we can’t afford more years of gridlock.  She tried to push for universal health care as first lady, and worked hard for programs to help our children.  What happened between her and Bill Clinton, is their business, and we can’t fault Hillary for Bill Clinton’s bad decisions.

I pray that as the debates between Hillary and Donald Trump begin that most of these people who refuse to vote for Hillary will realize that they have been wrongly viewing her.  Bernie Sanders has to some degree responsibility for how fractured things have become because of how heated things have become between them two and saying she’s corrupt for taking money from big companies to give speeches.  While it doesn’t look good, her record has shown that she has voted against Wall Street.  Hillary is not my best choice, but she’s qualified for the job and I could breathe a easier with her as President than Donald Trump.

Let’s go toward the path of progression and not that of fear and hatred that Donald Trump has been using as a corner stone of his campaign and what he will as President.

Now on a different subject, more to come with an update on our space activities in the US.  A Delta IV launch has been delayed until Saturday, June 11th.  Another SpaceX, Falcon 9 launch is scheduled for June 14th.  Stay tuned. 🙂


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