Inside The Mind Of a Trump Defender (Pt. 2)

Another day with my mother. Someone who seems impervious to virtually anything not from the mouth of the Jamaican hooker-murdering, Oxy addict radio hate monger Rush Limbaugh.

Her: So I guess you’re voting for the “crook Hillary?” (Only slightly paraphrased)
Me: Uh, yeah. Between her and a racist.
Her: “Oh, he’s not a racist! He dated black women!”

I just quit right there. I’m not going to argue with logic like that. How do you? It’s flawless! I know, very, very well how Drumpf (for all the idiots out there who keep saying that Tony Wilson doesn’t know how to spell his name, A) do you honestly think I’d have a writer on this team who makes those kinds of mistakes? B) that’s the Trump family name before they changed it to something less German.) feels about women of any shade. They’re BEAUTIFUL! HOT! WHAT TITS, AM I RIGHT?! I mean, look at my daughter! Isn’t she hot? If she wasn’t my daughter, I’d be all up in that!

Even when the poor little rich girl was an infant, he was openly, on TV, hoping she’d get mommy’s tits. His appreciation for the female body has not a damn thing to do with whether or not he’s a recently loud racist. I don’t care if he has no problem with dark or light tits and ass. He’s been so vocal about how  (because he’s unhappy with court rulings in the class action lawsuit claiming fraud with his fake “university”) the judge, with an impeccable record of jurisprudence, is biased against him because his parents immigrated to the US BEFORE Trump’s own mother did.

When Paul Ryan comes out publicly and says that what you’re spewing is “sort of the textbook racism”, and he’s of your party, I thought, at the very least, that would give my mother pause. Nope! But she’s not the main problem. A recent poll showed that 62% of Republicans said Drumpf’s racist attacks, then doubling down and ordering his surrogates to shore up the assault; was NOT AT ALL racist. The rot is still buried deep within the GOP. I could go on about how school desegregation was Eisenhower’s triumph, and LBJ destroyed the “black family”, and it was the Democratic party that wanted to preserve seperate but equal, but I’m raising my blood pressure. And I take 4mg of klonopin a day.


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