Ok Bernie Fanatics: News Flash

I just watched Bernie Sanders’s public address to, I guess, everyone. Let me start by saying I’m a fan of his myself. I voted for him. But this is beginning to look like a lack of understanding of his own base: the millennials.

Let me explain. Apparently, a LOT of his death-grip supporters have been either too young to vote, or blissfully unaware of everything politics until now. Many have never known life without the Internet, free music, free movies and free porn. To put it another way, instantaneous gratification. They want things to change, and they expect it to happen right fucking now.

Bernie Sanders just layed out a list of things that need to be fixed in our country so long, and I was counting, I lost count at 127. Many are intertwined, and many were unrelated. I get it. I really do. But ask yourselves this: do you really think that the billionaires and entrenched interests in this country got to where and what they are in 10 years? 20? 50? Try a century. They were patient. They understood that the ugly changes they needed to get to where they are took time. A lot of it.

Look, Bernie lost. Fair and square. And just stop with the “stolen” votes nonsense please. It’s not possible in this country to steal that many. But you’re all missing the point! The revolution won. Socialism is never again going to be attached to brutal tyrants like Stalin, Castro and the like. His supporters (myself included) ARE the future of the electorate now. We think ‘socialism’ and we think Denmark, Germany and France. Hybrid economies. That alleviate the unfettered profit motive of capitalism with the Democratic Socialism that tempers it.

Bernie Fanatics want 150 rather drastic changes in our system, society and economy TOMORROW. I’m sorry. For one, that’s impossible. Two, it would wreak havoc with the very things you couldn’t do without. I don’t feel the need for explaining what and how, because if you don’t understand, you’ve probably already stopped reading this.

You want a REAL revolution? Fine. Go get a lot of guns and get started. The president has constitutional authority to use our military to “put down an insurrection”. But hey, you folks never let the “establishment” stop you. That’s been an incredible thing to accomplish in such a short period of time. Now take that energy for change and do what the people who caused our problems did. A STEP AT A TIME.

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