Ok Bernie Fanatics: News Flash

I just watched Bernie Sanders’s public address to, I guess, everyone. Let me start by saying I’m a fan of his myself. I voted for him. But this is beginning to look like a lack of understanding of his own base: the millennials.

Let me explain. Apparently, a LOT of his death-grip supporters have been either too young to vote, or blissfully unaware of everything politics until now. Many have never known life without the Internet, free music, free movies and free porn. To put it another way, instantaneous gratification. They want things to change, and they expect it to happen right fucking now.

Bernie Sanders just layed out a list of things that need to be fixed in our country so long, and I was counting, I lost count at 127. Many are intertwined, and many were unrelated. I get it. I really do. But ask yourselves this: do you really think that the billionaires and entrenched interests in this country got to where and what they are in 10 years? 20? 50? Try a century. They were patient. They understood that the ugly changes they needed to get to where they are took time. A lot of it.

Look, Bernie lost. Fair and square. And just stop with the “stolen” votes nonsense please. It’s not possible in this country to steal that many. But you’re all missing the point! The revolution won. Socialism is never again going to be attached to brutal tyrants like Stalin, Castro and the like. His supporters (myself included) ARE the future of the electorate now. We think ‘socialism’ and we think Denmark, Germany and France. Hybrid economies. That alleviate the unfettered profit motive of capitalism with the Democratic Socialism that tempers it.

Bernie Fanatics want 150 rather drastic changes in our system, society and economy TOMORROW. I’m sorry. For one, that’s impossible. Two, it would wreak havoc with the very things you couldn’t do without. I don’t feel the need for explaining what and how, because if you don’t understand, you’ve probably already stopped reading this.

You want a REAL revolution? Fine. Go get a lot of guns and get started. The president has constitutional authority to use our military to “put down an insurrection”. But hey, you folks never let the “establishment” stop you. That’s been an incredible thing to accomplish in such a short period of time. Now take that energy for change and do what the people who caused our problems did. A STEP AT A TIME.


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    I watched his speech too. It was a non-speech. If he had any plans to leave the race, he would’ve done so by now. He’s only biding his time until she’s indicted and her campaign is hit with all of the election fraud charges it has coming.

    I love you, Ted, but your post displays a fundamental misunderstanding of not only Bernie’s campaign, but of his supporters as well.

    First of all, his base is not “the millennials”. They are progressives. They come in all ages, from all walks of life. And they’re not pushing for systemic change because they’re accustomed to instant gratification, it’s because they were promised it eight years ago, and guess what? Eight years later, we’re still in two wars, we’re still owned by Wall Street, and we still have bought elections. That is not the change we voted for. We were fed up in 2008, and we’re twice as fed up now. “Enough is enough” isn’t just Bernie’s campaign slogan, it’s the way everybody feels about the current state of our government.

    If Bernie lost fair and square, why are there so many lawsuits being filed by voter protection groups in almost every state in the country? Exit polling in California alone was off by 12%. The State Dept. considers a gap of 2% to be fraud. There was nothing fair or square about this primary, and it’s pretty glib to deny the mountain of evidence for it. Have you seen the average crowd sizes of Bernie’s rallies? Do you really think all those enthusiastic crowds of people just didn’t show up on voting day? California had 18 million new registered voters this year, but only 3 million of their votes were counted. “Fair and square”, my ass, amigo.

    The revolution has not been “won”, because the convention isn’t until July 25th, and the general election isn’t until November 6th. So nothing has been “won” yet. But I can certainly say that it won’t be “won” by handing the presidency over to the candidate who represents everything the revolution is trying to defeat.

    I don’t think you do “get it”, Ted. And I say that with the utmost respect, but I truly don’t think you or anyone else who feels this way actually “gets it”, actually understand what is going on here. I’ve read many similar sentiments on many different blogs from others who write off Sanders supporters as a bunch of stupid, angry kids who don’t comprehend how government works and only want free things because instant gratification.

    You couldn’t be more wrong. Take a look around sometime. Bernie volunteers have been organizing rallies and marches and events for the past year. They’re getting involved. They’re becoming delegates. They’re running for city council. Nobody has worked as hard for their candidate as Sanders supporters have. They ARE going about this step by step.

    But the first step is electing an honest and trustworthy candidate to the White House, who believes in transparency and accountability. Nothing will change until that happens.

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    I never said they wanted anything free. And I certainly know they’re (hell we’re) of all ages and walks of life. I’m not going to get into an argument here. But I don’t honestly think Hillary will be indicted on anything. But I do think Bernie himself wants everything to change in the next 6 months. Which IS NOT POSSIBLE. But most of his supporters think it is.

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    I guess Obama didn’t accomplish any change at all then.

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    “But I do think Bernie himself wants everything to change in the next 6 months.”

    Then you haven’t been paying attention. Bernie isn’t naive, he has been in this game longer than Obama and Hillary combined. He wants change now because he’s been talking about these issues for thirty years. YouTube it.

    And yes, Obama has accomplished some forms of change, but aside from gay marriage, all of that change has been really superficial. We still have a broken government, we still have millions of Americans without healthcare, we still have corporate money in politics, and we’re still at war.

    To me, it seems like he just

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    passed a few liberal policies just to keep his base happy, and the rest of his presidency has been devoted to his corporate owners.

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    No. The rest of his presidency has been utterly blocked by every possible means by the GOP. Can Bernie make them just disappear?

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    Bernie can get more people to care enough to get involved. Bernie has brought in millions of new voters already, and isn’t just telling them to vote, he’s encouraging them to run for office too. How often do you hear politicians do that?

    We blame the GOP a lot, but let’s be honest, Obama had four years of Democratic majority in the House and Senate before 2012, and still didn’t really do…anything. Maybe that’s why there was such a low turnout for his reelection…

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    Bernie knows how to work congress because he’s been there.

    They called him “The Amendment King” because he’s negotiated and passed more amendments than anyone. There’s just something about the guy that people like and respect, and that makes them want to work with him. Ask any Republican, they’ll tell you that they don’t necessarily agree with Bernie, but damnit, they LIKE him.

    By that rationale, how do you expect anything resembling progress to be accomplished under Hillary Clinton, whom they despise?

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    That party is dying. And as James Kirk said about the Klingons in ST6: “Let them die!”

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