[:en]The Red Ass and The Paranormal[:]

[:en]Okay, considering that I’ve had to be at work at 4 a.m. this morning, and I’ve gotten around 5 hours of sleep (not all at once), this post may be all over the place considering that the two topics are on the total opposite sides of the spectrum :).  I’m a Gemini so I get my randomness and craziness honestly so don’t judge me :).  Anyways, I had this incident at work I guess last week now, that really gave me the red ass.  What had happened wuz, there was some people who hit a call button over where the bookshelves and lamps are located.  Since everyone else was up on a cash register, I was in market so I greeted the guest within 60 seconds.  They wanted to know if we carried a certain lamp in the back because they needed 6 of them and we only had 2 on the shelf.  So I took my PDA out of my Batman Utility Belt and checked and we had 4 more in the back, which would be the exact amount they needed.  So I asked if they wanted me to go pull them from the back for them and they said yes; and told them it would be a few minutes for me to find and bring them out.  So I went back and I looked for them because they were in 3 different locations in the back room.  So after hunting for them and taking them out of the box, I wheeled them out for them and they were gone.  So after all that work locating the lamps for them and they had decided not to get them and just left, but they did put the two that they were looking at back in the correct spot.  When I realized what they did, I felt my ears get warm, my sphincter puckered and if I could grow fangs, they would have came through.  I had to catch myself because the words “oh HELL naw” came out of my mouth.  Let me give some advice.  If you tell someone working to go to the back and pull something for you, please have the decency to apologize saying that you decided not to get the items than to just leave.  The feelings of wrath may not be any less severe, well maybe a little, but at least there is the respect and dignity you gave yourself AND the employee who tried to go out of his or her way to make you happy.

The paranormal has been a part of my life ever since I can remember.  As a child I had experiences that I can still remember to this day vividly, and today I still have experiences.  Now that I’m older, I acknowledge what they are and luckily I haven’t had anything that has really scared me as of this writing.  I wanted to touch on this subject because I know that you, the readers are from different countries and have different views and experiences, I would love to hear some of your experiences and if you believe or don’t believe in spirits.

I have to be at work tomorrow at 8 a.m., but I will have to sacrifice sleep some because of the SpaceX launch sometime after 12:40 a.m. tomorrow morning.  It will be the second time they will attempt to land the first stage on land at Landing Zone 1 a few miles from the launch pad.  Tonight’s mission will is called CRS-9 which is the 9th resupply mission to the International Space Station.  This month is a slow month as far as launches from the United States.  There is only 1 other launch this month and that’s around the 28th and it’s an United Launch Alliance mission for the military satellite on an Atlas 5 rocket and will fly in the 421 configuration.  That just means that the Atlas 5 will have a four-meter fairing, two solid rocket boosters and a single-engine Centaur upper stage.  (Spaceflightnow)


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