An open letter to Senator Tim Scott (R-SC)

​Dear Senator Scott,
I was recently dismayed by your remarks on Channel 2 News in Charleston that you are supporting Donald Trump for President. This man has no business occupying the Oval Office due to his dishonesty, lack of experience, racism and ineptitude. He has insulted African Americans, calling them “lazy” and Muslims, even the parents of a fallen soldier. He even kicked a baby out of his rally. Your colleague Lindsey Graham has expressed his misgivings about Donald Trump and has refused to endorse him, as well as Republican House member Mark Sanford from District 1. Donald Trump’s ghostwriter for The Art of the Deal has come out against the man that was the subject of that book. Tony Schwartz had written an article in 1985 about Donald Trump evicting rent-controlled tenants from a building in Central Park South, in an article that was unflattering but adored by Trump. Schwartz describes Trump as having a short attention span that leads to a lack of knowledge and complete ignorance. Trump has left a trail of bankruptcies in his wake, and has stiffed contractors, forcing them to settle for a fraction of what was agreed upon. Any of these points would be enough to preclude an endorsement of Donald Trump, especially when he is running against a fierce advocate for health care, children and women’s rights in Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton’s experience as a Senator and Secretary of State more than qualifies her to be President. This election, we need to build on President Obama’s successes in recovering the economy and his respect for the constitution in nominating Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, a nomination that shamefully has not led to hearings or a vote in the Senate. Please, Senator Scott, join your South Carolina colleagues in rebuking Donald Trump and everything he stands for. Thank you.
Adam Teeple
PS. You are violating the constitution by refusing to hold hearings on Merrick Garland.  Article II Section 2 of the United States Constitution states: “The President . . . shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint . . . judges of the Supreme Court . . .” The constitution makes no exceptions for it being an election year. This is Obama’s obligation, and it is yours as a Senator to give Merrick Garland a hearing and a vote.




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