Are You Capable Of Empathy? 

Almost everyone is. It’s a basic part of what aided human evolution. But there are a few types of people who aren’t. And the lack of this is part of a multiple variety of what medical experts consider mental illnesses. The number one is sociopathy. Although there are others that have this feature. I’m not a medical professional of any kind. But I’ve known one genuine sociopath in my life  (the true variety is exceedingly rare).

They’re people who are unable to empathize with what their actions have on anyone. They only consider themselves. Many wind up in prison because of what they do. So the statistics on sociopathy are flawed at best. But we appear to have one running for president right now. I definitely can’t diagnose this person. But I’m not blind to the most glaring feature. And neither is most of the media. 

Immediately after the Orlando massacre, Donald Trump tweeted this. 

When this was tweeted, there were still 50 dead bodies riddled with bullets lying in blood on the Pulse nightclub floor. Police don’t remove bodies until they’ve completed their crime scene initial investigation. And yet Trump tweeted this. What does this say about his mind? But this would not be the last time he did this. Again, immediately following the killing of the cousin of Dwyane Wade, a mother of two, pushing a baby stroller, he tweeted this: 

There’s a reason why “Twitter for Android” was circled. It’s because Trump uses a Samsung Galaxy Note phone. That’s his personal phone. A few hours later, a tweet under his account tweeted a condolences one. It was from an iPhone. This is a well documented pattern of him. He tweets heartless, cold and calculating messages, then a few hours later something that sounds like someone who has empathy tweets something from an iPhone. This one in particular is glaring. He practically begs African American votes, accuses Hillary Clinton of being a “bigot” and using the black vote, and doesn’t deliver for them. There’s a legitimate argument to be made about her husband’s policies and African Americans. But he can’t stop doing this. 

But the tweet above again begs for the black vote immediately following this crime and tragedy. With absolutely no condolences for the victim’s family, especially for her children. There’s little question that something is wrong with his mind. Now I certainly won’t label his supporters with all having some mental illness. But I must say that if you plan to vote for him, you’re voting for an extremely disturbed man. Sociopathy, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Donald Trump displays features of both. Consistently and on television. 

Back when Barry Goldwater was running for president, a team of psychiatrists and psychologists were invited to diagnose him live on TV. This made so many other professionals so unnerved that something informally called the “Goldwater rule” was added to the ethics portion of medical schools to stem the problem of medical professionals diagnosing people who they haven’t evaluated or even met. That’s a good thing. But now the media is almost begging for a professional diagnosis of Trump. And so far none of them have taken the bait. 

If you want this man to have the awesome power of our military and our nuclear arsenal, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that something is wrong with you. Maybe you don’t have NPD or sociopathy. But I’d guess having the ability to empathize with the plight of everyone he’s demonized to date isn’t something you’re familiar with. 

Mental health has always been a stigmatizing thing. Just 30 years ago just seeing a psychiatrist would doom you from running for president. That’s changing, albeit slowly. But Trump sees death of Americans and the citizens of European countries as only one thing: “I was right! Vote for me and I’ll fix it!” Bullshit. He is not a savior. He doesn’t even understand ISIS, the nuclear triad and he’s not going to build the wall and make Mexico pay for it. They’re both fantasies that his supporters love to indulge in. And I don’t even have time right now to write about his legitamizing the so-called “alt-right.” The white supremacist faction of our body politic. But I’ll get to it. 


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