Gay Single Issue Voting; Eat Shit


Hello, you delightful wonderful meat bags, it is I, Fletch, and once again, if you will relax and allow me to tenderly, sweetly assault you … I will subject you to another piece of raw opinionated and absolutely delicious garbage.


What will we discuss today, mites? Well, fear not, it will most certainly be of absolutely no interest to anyone.. Therefore, you must read with unabashed and thirsty focus… for today we will discuss the means by which the failing US right attempts to cajole the empowered US left onto it’s side. Specifically, the gay community, and how the right is apparently better for it.


Single issue voting is probably one of the most mainstream methods of conservative gays or conservatives in general to guilt liberal voters into thinking the Republican party is better for them.

What is single issue voting?

Let’s answer that question before we proceed in case it is an unknown. Single issue voting means you are either unaware of or unconcerned with the perspectives or policies of your selected candidate for whatever office they are running except for a single, all important issue. It might be women’s right to choose for their own bodies. It might be gay rights. Or issues of equality for non-whites. Maybe immigration. It could be any number of issues but that is the issue that drives you the most and before anything else you will vote for it if you see a candidate that supports it.

How is this hypocritical?

Let’s just get this started right away, the single issue voter notion is primarily issued by the right because the right suffers most in matters of ‘single issue voters’ because generally the right is ‘out to get’ the most numbers of demographics. It’s not really out to serve anyone; the entire nature of the GOP is to convince you that by not receiving support from your government, your government is supporting you, so single issue voters tend to lean left, because the left is more about the support of the public in some form or another.


Let us not forget that most voters on the right are also single issue voters. This isn’t limited to the left. For the right, it could be anti-wel;fare, anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-muslim, anti-immigrant. The idea that single issue voting is a matter belongingly only to the left is a hypocritical notion supported by America’s number 1 failing party, the Republicans, whose tactic now is to guilt you into voting. Why are they failing, you may ask? Well as you may have noticed, most of what current US conservative standards support is ‘anti-something’. It is primarily about being against something, but not really for anything. The tag line may be ‘We are for America’s security’, except the problem is that Democrats are too, as is any American in a public office, but while the Republican view of ‘pro-security’ is ‘anti-muslim’ or ‘anti-immigration’, the Democrat standard is more broad. Such as… why is our security at risk? What can we do to embolden and strengthen it? Simply banning people due to their religion is not even a thought – and building a massive, costly and meaningless wall is not simply not a thought but additionally, it’s actually seen as kind of amusing. Like something a kid in first grade would say.


So what has engendered me towards this post? Nothing short of absolute stupidity and ignorance I’m afraid. Yes, I am not an editor for a major news broadcaster, I have no particular need to reduce my personal opinions in my piece. So I’ll be frank; stupidity is the inspiration for my tackling of this most intrusive and delicious of debates.


In the current US Presidential race the only two candidates that are actually electable are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. In the course of my ongoing political interest during this election season I have been berated endlessly by gay conservatives that have accused me of being a single issue voter. I am willfully ignorant of Hillary Clinton’s dangerous implications as President and actually, as they would say, Donald Trump is pro-gay and has been longer than Hillary , and Donald Trump is actually  more interested in protecting gays than Hillary because while liberals will protect gays from cake makers, Donald will protect them from O EM GEE MUSLIM TERRORISTS LOLOLOLO



That was the internet in me.


Allow me to clarify, meatsickle.


What does that actually mean? In simplest terms it means that some poor gay guy that was exposed to a conservative surrounding most of his or her life – likely but not exclusively due to the presence of money – is trying to tell me why his or her mom and dad’s concepts of politics is better for gay people.


Why isn’t it better, though? Please Fletcher, explain.


I’m glad you asked, meatpop, so here is the answer.


Donald Trump is a wildcard. He has said wild numbers of things – he has actually said in an interview if he ever ran for President he would run Republican because Republicans are stupid. No, I will not link you to that. Look it up. He has also stated before not that he is pro-gay but that he doesn’t really care about gay-marriage.


Surely this means he is pro-gay! No, no you simple thing, it doesn’t. Why? Because he is not King of the US, and no President is. Presidents do not get to decide policy for the country – these issues are primarily handled by the Senate and Congress. In order for Trump to be a pro-gay candidate, he would have to veto literally every attempt by the currently majority Republican Congress and Senate to repeal protections or equal rights for gays. Which he has not promised to do. He has also, in his bid for Presidency, attended multiple anti-gay rallies, including one in which a topic of discussion was that gays should face execution for being gay, and while he did not speak in support of that idea, he also did not speak against it and if you are running for President silence is not an acceptable response to a threat of execution.


Donald Trump does not support pro-gay rights because the current platform for the party he is running under is one of the most anti-gay in American history. Do you know what it’s like being gay, and being denied certain basic protections? No, I don’t just mean having a baker make your wedding cake. I mean having a legally recognized wedding – in which your are legally recognized as the spouse of your other half. This is significant in many circumstances including but not limited to visitation rights in hospitals – post mortem inheritance and honestly the basic acknowledgement by your government that you are equal to everyone else.


It doesn’t matter what Donald Trump said five, eight, or ten years ago. It matters what he represents now, and he does not represent pro-gay agendas. Claiming he will ban Muslims from the US is not pro-gay, it’s just anti-Muslim(as stated above, falling into the entire I am conservative thus I am anti-something category).


It is stupid to me to be told that a gay person seeking equal treatment under the law is a ‘single issue voter’ because in the great space that is one’s political interest nothing is greater than acknowledgement by one’s own nation as equal and deserving of all the same rights as everyone else. That’s not privilege, it’s equality. It’s not special treatment, it’s the same treatment.


You will never convince the gay populace at large to support Republicans. EVER. Because Republicans are not simply anti-gay it is a major part of their current personality as a political culture. When I see gay Republicans it makes me sad. It makes me think of someone whose disgust for some other element of society is so great that they would endure disrespect and reduced status so long as it means some other demographic is being hurt too.


What would it take for a Republican to appeal to me, or most other gay voters?


Simply put an entirely new party. The Republican party has sunk in the last 16 years from having any real viability, politically. You can not base your entire political center off of what group of people you are against. Truthfully I have never seen an argument from a conservative that gave me anything to stand for other than what group of people I should be against and what politician is going to hurt them the most. I’ve never seen anything to suggest that the Republican party isn’t simply a massive special interest group for the wealthiest people in the nation that simply married itself to bigots and the extreme religious right to maintain votes. If you want to appeal to me, or any other gay voter, you will have to do more than simply tell me how liberals suck, or how Hillary is a crook, or any other piece of deflective nonsense meant to distract me from the fact that Republicans have come into a period where Donald Trump is their Presidential nominee.


You support Trump? Of course you do. Because you’re Republican. Sadly, that is not sufficient to convince me. You want to convince me? The best way would be your disgust and absolute refusal to acknowledge Trump as your candidate even if it means you’ll lose this Presidential race. The more you fight for ‘Republicans before anything else’ the more you lose me. Give me policies. Give me intelligence. TEACH FUCKING EVOLUTION IN SCHOOLS. If you can only fall back in things that appear as narrow, discriminatory and divisive, you will never win me.


So, respectfully, abandon your ‘single issue voter’ jargin. It’s tired, it’s played. It didn’t work the first time and it won’t work now. Maybe when you can actually acknowledge that there is something fundamentally wrong with your party you’ll actually be able to rebuild into something stable and politically functional.


Until then… good luck with that wall! Better get building it now, cause cheap migrant labor isn’t going to build it for you.







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