[:en]To Boldly Go Where Man Has Gone Before[:]

[:en]A few weeks ago they revealed what the “new” Star Trek series ship would be. Now they have revealed the “new” series will ANOTHER prequel to the The Original Series (TOS). Star Trek is many things, and one is in the opening of the original “To seek out new life and new civilizations…” This will do neither.

Lets start with the ship the USS Discovery. I know this is ship is based on a concept for the abandoned Star Trek Phase II for Paramount’s first attempt at a network which failed in the last 70s. It was later reworked in Star Trek The Motion Picture. This is the biggest problem with the ship design, it was fine in the 70s, but looks very archaic and no longer futuristic now.

Now its revealed the setting of the series will be 10 years before TOS. There was already a prequel and some of it’s problems was retreading history and it was a prequel to a show that aired 30 some years prior. There is nothing new to explore.. it will just show things that already happened by the time of the Enterprise 1701.

Gene Roddenberry was smart to set TNG seventy years after the setting of the TOS movies. There was more advanced Warp technology so the Federation could explore new worlds, and the show was able to explore what happened in those seventy years. With Deep Space Nine they explored the Gamma Quadrant with the use of the Bajoran Wormhole, and with Voyager some parts of the Delta Quadrant.

A new series should take the TNG approach and take place at least a few decades after the Original Universe events in the JJ Abrams Star Trek movie, ie. the destruction of Romulus. There should also be some new form of propulsion or travel. The best example would be mastering the use of the Borg Transwarp Corridors that go all over the Galaxy.

This way the show could explore what happened during the intervening years, plus open up the series to exploration of new worlds. There are large chunks of the Delta and Gamma quadrants still unexplored. There are also the Large and Small Magellanic clouds, small irregular galaxies orbiting our own, that are largely ignored in science fiction.

This could also lead to great story opportunities, with learning what happened to the Romulans after the destruction of their star system, how the Delta Quadrant has been dealing with the fall of the Borg, or how the Gamma Quadrant has dealt with the Dominion or remnants thereof.

The new series should also show new technologies that predict how things might be, not using old technologies that are seemingly archaic. Best example is communicators, there was nothing like that when TOS originally came out and Star Trek essentially predicted the technology, but when it was shown in Enterprise it came across as archaic, cause flip phones was already a thing at that time. Star Trek should be moving forward and not backwards[:]


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