Voting in Favor of Slavery


How do bad people do what they do? Understand that I ask not on the small scale – of individual striking against individuals in petty crimes. I mean in the grand scale… How do kings create peasants. How, you ask? Simply, I say, by the consent of peasants.


The few always outnumber the many, but it is by the consent of the few that the many remain in power. I seem to bring this up frequently in my articles – either directly or indirectly. The motivate remains the same, to remind you of when your small mindedness is actually enabling someone stronger than you to have power over you.


The greatest power anyone in power holds over you is your willingness to believe that it helps you somehow – whether it is the person that believes that the black population in America has become a state dependent sub culture trained to rely on public money, or the anti-immigration movement that feels Latin American foreigners come to our country to sell drugs and make tax free money while benefiting from free healthcare and food stamps.  The point of these many  perspectives, which almost entirely come to the populace receptive to them from media and their own displeasure with some state of the modern world from outside sources. You’re unhappy? Well surely there’s a politician out there to tell you why and who to blame for it.


What is the answer, what remedy can the average citizen seek against this? Believe it or not, whether you are an older person resting in retirement, a struggling family person trying to raise children and balance a career, or a destitute low wage worker unable to afford rent.. the answer is universal. Those with power should have less. Those who reap the most money from their endeavors should pay the most taxes. Why? Because money and power, and if you’re benefiting the most – not from a vacuum but from a collective available resource such as a modern age society – then you should pay the most back in. You didn’t get your money from nothing, you got your money due to the existence of a society that you now owe for IT”s EXISTENCE.


The smallest part of a person perceives a personal attack on themselves by this assertion. Why shouldn’t I be successful, and reap the benefits of my success? Well you should, but not at the expense of everyone else. I hate to break it to you, but McDonalds does not funciton becuase a CEO runs it, and absorbs the majority of it’s earnings. It exists because an army of burger flippers man it, and maintain it’s daily need for basic operations. That is what makes success work – not a single powerful figure at the top, but an army of underprivileged and underappreciated drones at the bottom. The Queen may produce the next generation, but she would be worthless without the drones maintaining the hive. Thus, yes, you fucking owe back to the society you have benefited from. If you think some group should suffer to enable your ongoing dependency on cheap labor; not only are you a fucking piece of shit, but you’re also a welfare recipient, dependent on the modern perception of base compensation.


My message isn’t for the wealthy – it’s for the working class, those that endure long hours with lmited appreciation. It’s for those that struggle and suffer – your primary purpose in life should be to dismantle and disable the powerful. Always vote and suppot your interests – always assume someone supporting the interests of money is not supporting you.