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I wrote an article this past summer about voting third party the last 20 years and how they were NOWHERE near the the top 2 parties and how some have amnesia about 2000 election where Gore lost to Bush.

This is a break down of Florida’s highly contested results:

2000                Party             Popular       Percentage   Electoral

G.W. Bush      Republican   2,912,790   48.85%         25

Al Gore            Democrat     2,912,253    48.84%

Ralph Nader   Green            97,488         1.63%

Gore lost Florida buy a HUNDREDTH of percentage point because of the people who voted for Nader. Look what we got, 8 years of one the most incompetent Presidencies in history.

People have such a hate on for Hillary they are willing to let Trump win rather than vote for her. Majority of the hate comes from Republican propaganda. The Republicans have had a hate on for the Clintons for 30 years.. and the best they could actually get them on is Impeaching Bill Clinton for lying about getting a blow job in the White House. Something that was no one’s damned business other the Clintons’ and Monica Lewinksy’s.

Is Hillary perfect? Not by any means, but as bad as Trump? NO… She has not encouraged violence at her rallies, she has not said ignorant racist things at her rally. She also doesn’t have a blatant homophobe as her running mate. White supremacists and other lowlifes have come out because of Trump and will be more empowered if he makes it to the White House.

People that are supporting Third Parties at the last minute forget Bernie Sanders was Independent before this election. Why did he switch? He knew the only chance he had of getting in the White House was running as a Democrat and he had no chance as a Third Party candidate.

What is beyond comprehension are Bernie supporters who are now supporting Gary Johnson, a Libertarian. Libertarian’s stand for a lot of stuff Bernie does not. They don’t believe in debt free colleges or anything that will harm business. Most are in favor of getting rid of ALL regulations, including environmental. Gary Johnson is on video saying we shouldn’t worry about climate change, because the earth will be destroyed when the Sun expands in a billion years.

I am sorry, voting Third Party because the person you wanted didn’t win the Democratic nomination IS throwing your vote away. The last time a Third Party won was in the 1800s over a HUNDRED years ago. The last time a Third Party came close to winning was in 1912 and that was only cause it was Theodore Roosevelt running for a third term as a Progressive, he was originally Republican. “If you ignore history then you are doomed to repeat it”, that saying is very apt when it comes to the current election.

Here is the link where I got the election statistics:

My previous article:

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