To Boldly Go Online


Recently Star Trek Online was released for Playstation and Xbox. I bought it for my PC when it first came out when it was subscription only. When I played it in 2010 it had potential and good space battles, and great character customization, but the missions felt boring with no story or depth and at the time I didn’t have the money to pay another monthly subscription. What a difference six years make. While the console launch isn’t perfect (they still have some bugs to work out) there a lot of pluses.

The game takes place in the early 25th Century after the destruction of Romulus in the original timeline. A lot of lore addresses the end of the three modern series and makes plenty of references to events in Enterprise and The Original Series. You even get to interact with characters from those shows through time travel missions. One has you helping Dr McCoy and Scotty who are on shoreleave at a space station you travel to in the past. The mission even relies on Scotty’s knowledge of alcohol. There is another mission that involves Enterprise 1701-C and the timeline being changed just like in the classic Next Generation (TNG) episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise” (one of my all time favorites). You also get to interact with characters you barely knew or are adults now like Tom and B’Elanna’s daughter Miral or Naomi Wildman, or the Great Grandson of Sulu. You also can go to several different establishments and play Dabo hosted by a hologram of Leeta.

Space battles are probably the best thing about the game. There are random encounters you can find and join regardless of your level or if you are grouped with anyone (my favorite is the Borg one). The site of several Federation ships fighting the Borg makes you feel like you are reliving the battle from the movie “First Contact”. Almost every Federation ship you’ve ever seen in Star Trek is available (haven’t played Klingon’s or Romulan’s yet, but I have seen a Romulan Bird of Prey from TNG.) The aforementioned Enterprise 1701-C is available as an award after said mission. Ships can be customization by changing your bridge, and parts of the ship if there are variants of the class. Although it’s unfortunately bugged on console at the moment, you can also visit your quarters and other parts of the ship anytime you want, but as for now it’s just mission-related.

Another great thing is character customization, which is incredibly detailed, to the point you can make your own alien race. You can even customize your bridge officers (just not their sex or race). There is also the ability to make biographies for your Captain and your crew, which great if you like to roleplay. Multiple uniforms are also available for on duty and off duty, like going to clubs or taking in the sun on Risa (unfortunately off duty uniforms are another thing that is bugged at the moment, which sucks because I want to see my Captain in Khan’s clothes.)

While it’s free to download and play some ships and outfits require Zen to buy. Fortunately you can actually buy Zen by collecting Dilithium and selling it to other players. Dilithium can be obtained through quests and events and also buy mining for it daily. Another bonus is the smaller install size, which is surprising when you compare it to DCUOnline which has a MASSIVE install size on the PS4.

So come explore the galaxy, play Dabo in Quark’s Bar, travel to Deep Space K-7 (tribble free except for the ones you bring.) for a drink, enjoy the beautiful sands of Risa, enjoy the chirps of Tribbles while you carry them around on missions, fight Klingons, Romulans, Borg and even Tholians, travel to the Delta Quadrant and discover secrets of the Iconians, walk through the Guardian of Forever to restore the future, (one mission even explains how the Klingons were cured and returned to their ridgy selves.) and listen to the forever immortalized words of Leonard Nimoy as you explore the galaxy (you can also visit a monument of Spock on Vulcan.) Boldly Go in space and time (now on Playstation and Xbox).

See you there!


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