I’ve now seen the first five episodes of the new, rebooted series Westworld, brought to you by HBO. And as such, it has a generous budget and A-list actors. Specifically Jeffrey Wright, Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris.

I vaguely remember the original TV series about 25 years ago. But this is far from some network type of content. I don’t want to give this anything less than a full four star rating. Don’t worry, no spoilers to follow. It is done with great care and the special effects are top notch. The casting is obviously fantastic. J.J. Abrams is one of the executive producers. I had forgotten how good the idea was. And in 2016 it finally has the technology to do it right.

It’s full of nudity. However, it’s necessary. When the hosts are killed or being diagnosed with issues, they’re usually nude. Because they’re the fake people. But I’m worried about how quickly they’re moving the plot. At this rate, they won’t last more than 2 seasons. Maybe less . If you have HBO, I give this the highest recommendation. It’s fantastic.


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