Why I Will Vote Hillary

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - APRIL 16:  U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrives at Seoul Military Airport on April 16, 2011 in Seoul, South Korea. Secretary Clinton is in South Korea on a two day visit to discuss North Korea's nuclear programs.  (Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – APRIL 16: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrives at Seoul Military Airport on April 16, 2011 in Seoul, South Korea. Secretary Clinton is in South Korea on a two day visit to discuss North Korea’s nuclear programs. (Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)


This election year has been an election year that is for the record books.  There have been years when we all get tired of the political commercials and the negative campaigning.  This year, however, there is an element that we all know that is Donald Trump.  He’s the man whom has adopted dictator and authoritarian rule to his I guess reign if he wins the election.  Everyone knows what a threat he poses to this country and what a complete slap in the face his campaign is to the founding fathers of this country.  There has been someone who has been through so much in her personal life and the countless lies that have been spoken, written about, and even clips from years ago that have been taken out of context or before she evolved on an issue.  Her name is Hillary Clinton.

For me, Hillary Clinton made herself known in the mid-90s when her husband, Bill Clinton was still President, and she worked to get the Health Security Act or “Hillarycare” which was a universal healthcare bill that would cover all Americans.  The bill was defeated due to the barrage of negative ads by the drug and insurance companies.  This bill between 1993 and 1994 was supposed to be the defining piece of legislature of the Bill Clinton’s first term.  The failure of the bill began the downward spiral of Hillary’s good work being used to tarnish her name.  The healthcare system now is pretty much like a business that looks to profits instead of healing and helping the general public.  The insane prices of prescription drugs is a big indicator of that issue.

Everyone remembers the impeachment of Bill Clinton and how all of that is being dug up again.  I’m sure that was a painful period of time that she endured, but she handled it the best way she knew how and kept her family together.  I’m not sure how she did it or why she made the choices that she did.  It’s for the best because that should remain private and between her and her husband.  Even now she’s dealing with Donald Trumps attempt to intimidate her with women who said Bill Clinton had sex with them with dignity and grace.

I remember hearing that Bill and Hillary were moving to New York for Hillary’s run for Senate.  She gets a hard time about being for the War in Iraq but I can understand why she was in favor of it.  The memory of September 11, 2001 was very fresh in all of our minds, and the wound hadn’t had time to even begin to heal.  We were at war in Afghanistan and George W. Bush had craftily pushed propaganda tying Saddam to the terrorists and making us believe that he was hiding weapons of mass destruction.  During that time, it was considered unpatriotic to not support the bill because you were against America.  I remember Bernie Sanders got crucified for not supporting the war in Iraq.  Sure she could have said no, but with the so-called “intelligence” we had at the time, there was good reason to believe the war in Iraq was a good idea.  In hind sight we all know it was a big lie that cost many thousands of lives for no reason.

The moment that I realized that she could be the next President of the United States was during the Benghazi hearing.  The tragic events of Benghazi happened after pleas for funding not to be cut went ignored and Republican’s chose to cut funding and therefore security was not up to par and that resulted in the tragic deaths.  The scapegoat of that decision was Hillary Clinton.  The true reason of the tragedy has been so well crafted by Republicans, a lot of American’s, especially Republicans, don’t know that the security lapse falls on the lap of House Republican’s who ignored the warnings of cutting funding.  That morning, Hillary Clinton sat there for 11 hours being bombarded by statements and answering questions, some of which were nothing but smears against Clinton herself.  She came out looking great while exposing the Benghazi committee for what it was, a fraud.

Hillary has been a target for over 20 years now and she never gives up, and she does care deeply for the poor, women, and now the gay community.  Yes, she was against marriage equality, but like our President, which in the first time in history we have a sitting President who evolved and is our biggest champion.  She will continue to fight for equality and make sure we don’t take a massive slide back and become second or third class citizens in this country.

I was an Bernie Sanders supporters up until the tail end of his bid for Presidency when he turned very negative and began slandering Hillary Clinton and telling lies to try to gain political points, and that has a LOT of his followers throwing their vote away for either 3rd party candidates or writing Bernie Sander’s name in, giving Hillary less votes and Donald Trump a way to win due to Hillary not getting votes.  To me, Bernie has redeemed himself because he, now, is out there trying to get his supporters to vote and to keep Trump for getting the Presidency.  Bernie Sanders has made a huge impression in Hillary’s policies and for that, he has made a stamp on the party.  Focusing on the poor and to get more people in college and not going into debt was a huge victory for the Bernie Sanders movement.

Hillary Clinton has been around and has huge experience and knows up close what it takes to be President.  She is showing us, that she is willing to work with our allies while not putting our troops in harms way when it’s not necessary.  She is well known and respected around the world, and she is someone I trust with my future and the future of this planet.