A Life, Not A Lifestyle, Threatened


Last week someone close to me responded to an Anti-Trump post that they were supporting Trump. I responded with all the reasons why Trump was a horrible choice. Out of all the things I listed, all they could come back with was “Bull” and other typical rhetoric, followed by them saying all I was concerned with was my “lifestyle”. First off it isn’t a lifestyle and second my concerns with Conservatives go beyond just Equal Rights.

First off its not a lifestyle. A lifestyle is how you live your life, like people who party all the time, or someone who likes to partake in extreme sports all the time. LGBT is not all of who we are but it is a large part. It’s about two people who love each other and want to spend the rest of with each other and having the same rights as others. It’s about being comfortable with who you are, and not trying to fit into other people’s perceptions. It’s not a phase, it’s not a sickness, just because you don’t understand it or it doesn’t fit into your definition of normal doesn’t make it wrong. When you use your religious beliefs (which should be personal and not something you force on others) to justify your ignorance, you teach your kids to judge others not on their character but who they are, that love is wrong, you also may be teach them to hate themselves if they happen to be LGBT themselves.

Yesterday was a dark day, because a man who fed off the ignorance of others and chose a very Anti-LGBT Governor as his running mate, has won the highest office in the country. They will have the support of both Republican controlled houses, and they will most likely choose an Anti-LGBT conservative Judge to fill the vacancy in the Supreme Court (one that should have been filled already). Conservatives have had no problem with catering to extreme Right Wing Christians and they will now have more power to pursue Anti-LGBT laws than they have had in a long time.

As a North Carolinian I have seen the danger of a total Republican controlled government on a state scale. A so called “bathroom” law was passed. HB2 was billed as protecting against “sexual predators”, when in reality it was an anti-LGBT bill mainly targeting transgender people. Painting them as sexual “deviants” just like gay people have been for ages. HB2’s discriminatory nature has severely hurt our state economy.

Mike Pence’s record as governor is another huge concern. He has been an outspoken opponent of LGBT rights. He supported dangerous conversion therapy (which took money away from programs helping people with HIV), and opposed marriage equality on all levels to the point he wanted to make an amendment to the state constitution. And supported a Religious “freedom” act that put peoples religious beliefs above others rights.

Hopefully my last fear is unfounded. I fear that the hate groups that have become more mainstream during Trump’s campaign will be empowered by his win and become far worse. We already have gay and trans people being beaten and killed and I have a sick feeling it may get worse, especially if new Anti-LGBT policies are passed.