Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Update


At The Game Awards 2016, Nintendo presented a new trailer and gameplay video with some more juicy tidbits for the next major console entry in the Legend Of Zelda (LOZ) franchise. I will start with the trailer first concentrating on what is new (check my previous article for previous info: Breath Of Fresh Air). Some of the scenes mixed into the trailer are of gameplay similar to what is already been shown.


Trailer starts off with a tapestry and images appearing. This is most likely from the beginning of the game. Past games in the franchise have started in a similar fashion to tell the backstory. The video alternates between this tapestry and the gameplay and cinematics.

In this year’s E3 demo the only person other than Link shown, was the old man. The new trailer gives a glimpse of the other humanoid inhabitants of Hyrule. The first person is someone crossing a bridge with a dead guardian on the shore of a river. Maybe this means lone NPCs will be encountered in the wild. Next is what looks like a trade post with a several traders, one with a backpack. A man on horseback rides up with a dog (looks like a collie) running along side. The scene now fades to the first look at one of the villages in Hyrule. At the base of a mountain, water falls cascade down in the back, and houses and gardens dot terraced levels with inhabitants milling about.

The next scene will excite and probably relieve some LOZ fans. Link is standing on a wooden platform (similar to ones found in the Skyward Sword (SS) town of Skyloft), on his is back is the Master Sword in a fancy scabbard decorated with the Tri-force. As Link looks on excitedly, a bird like creature flies up. It wears a blue scarf similar to Link’s starting tunic and a large bow (weapon variety) on it’s back. It appears to be a cross between a Rito (bird race that were descended from the Zora in Windwaker) and Link’s flying mount Loftwing from SS, as what appears to be a saddle is seen on it’s back, as it turns to fly up. It soars to a large airship with downward facing propellers, that is in the shape of a large bird.

The following scene shows a mysterious woman, as we don’t see her face, walking with something in her hand. She has long blonde hair and wears a blue white tunic decorated with gold accents, with dark brown gloves and a pouch on her belt. Possibly a glimpse of Zelda in horse riding gear.

Ruins of a village at the base of Hyrule castle appears in the next scene, as Calamity Gannon swirls above. Link is then shown being surrounding by a glittering light possibly gaining a new power.

The final scene shows Link kneeling beside another mysterious woman, as again her face is hidden. This is most likely Zelda as we see her in a royal looking blue and gold dress, with something gold dangling from her belt. On her hands are long white gloves decorated in gold accents.


The gameplay starts out in a jungle like location (rarely seen in the franchise) near an area called the Zonai ruins. Link talks to an NPC named Kass, a humanoid toucan, possibly related to aforementioned Rito. He is an minstrel playing an accordian, and gives Link info on finding a shrine. As Link approaches the shrine, which appears in Aztec like ruins, he is confronted by a lizalfos (making a reappearance from past games). This one has a powerful lightning attack. As Link makes his way to the big moblin guarding the shrine, he is encountered by two chameleon like lizalfos (as they are camouflaged on approach.)

A few new gameplay mechanics are shown. In previous videos, Link is seen with only three permanent hearts (as opposed to the temporary yellow hearts gained from food). He is now shown with seven. Another worry for some Zelda fans was the lack of rupees (except for one) in the E3 demo. Fans can rest easy as Link in shown in the inventory to have over four thousand. The last bit of info is that the stamina gauge, seen in the E3 demo, is shown with an upgrade and can be enhanced with foods.

Now the LONG wait for release. Unfortunately, Breath of the Wild was delayed until sometime later than March 2017. In January, we will FINALLY get the specs on the Switch (Nintendo’s new console). Keep your eyes here for new info on both BoW and Switch


Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDFZIUdo764

Gameplay video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Na1cIOmfBlU