Oh Jesus, He’s Gay!


Paul “Jesus” Rovia from the show (Credit: Gene Page/AMC)

In a recent interview with Huffington Post, Tom Payne pretty much confirms his character Jesus on The Walking Dead is true to the comics and is Gay. Tom Payne when asked “Yeah, who cares? He’s a badass and he happens to be gay.” Of course insecure straight fanboys lost their shit.

A lot of fans complain about the show not being completely true to the comic, except when it comes to Gay characters apparently. He is also not the first Gay character. They introduced Aaron and his boyfriend Eric two season ago (both of whom are also from the comics). Tara was the first Gay character introduced several seasons ago and has had two girlfriends since her introduction.


Paul “Jesus” Monroe from comic (Credit: Photo: Skybound Entertainment)

It’s not shoving sex in your face, which most people often say. And if it is so fucking what? We see straight couples all the time having sex and it’s more than just kissing and showing they love each other, but Gay people aren’t so damned insecure that we yell “Stop shoving it in our face!”

All we want is equal and positive portrayal in our favorite shows. Plenty of Gay people like horror, action and sci-fi, and like watching and *GASP* playing sports. There are Gay guys in MMA that could kick most insecure straight men’s asses.

We want more characters like Jesus or Sam from this summer’s CW series Containment. Gay guys that kick ass. Though that seems to be the problem, straight fanboys can seem to fathom that you can be Gay AND kickass.


Sam from Containment (Credit: Shawn Parson’s Instagram)

Straight fanboys need to grow the fuck up. Their dicks aren’t going to fall off just because they see Gay characters on their favorite show. It’s the 21st Century for the love of Jesus!

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