I remember back in grade school watching a video of school children in the 1950s going through a drill to prepare for an Russian nuclear attack on America.  That fear was very real for people back then and even as recent to the attacks on September 11 the wave of patriotic support on those who undermine our democracy.  In those just short 15 years, what in the hell has happened?  We have proof, that I hope the CIA will release to the public, but now all we have are what the Washington Post reported this past Friday, which makes this a two pronged troubling situation that has come to light, and more comes each day it seems.

The first part of this story was the straightforward story that our intelligence has now gotten to the point where they are directly saying that Russia HAS influenced this presidential election.  What the Washington Post reported has been known to the public but readers like you and me probably didn’t put too much stock into it, especially because the major news network didn’t cover the story in a manner that would make us think any of that speculation was true.  During the last presidential debate, Hillary Clinton told us what Russia was up to, and still CNN, MSNBC and others were relatively mute.  Now that America’s top intelligence agency has come forward with the information that Hillary told us about gave it more credibility than just an campaign talking point.  This is serious now and the knowledge that our Cold War adversary picked one presidential candidate over another and done criminal acts to tip the election in the candidate’s favor, in this case Donald Trump.

The other huge story is that a few months before the election, according to the Post and an MSNBC report, that in October, swayed by the evidence of Russian interference, President Obama dispatched  counter-terrorism advisor Lisa Monaco, FBI Director James Comey, and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to inform top members of Congress “Gang of 12” (Source: Steve Benen, MSNBC, 12/12/2016).  The hope was to get an united bipartisan show of strength against the Russian manipulation.  Unfortunately it was derailed by Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) who refused the information and the Republican members of Congress knew this information and did nothing about it.  McConnell put the interest of the Republican part ahead of what’s good for the nation….again.  This time this has all of the ingredients of treason and he and others may well be in serious trouble.



Just focusing on these two bits of information that we know right now, I have to say that the news media has to bear MAJOR responsibility because this was known in the media but the coverage of Clinton’s emails got far more coverage than this issue.  Right now, my question is that how much did Donald Trump and his campaign know about Russia’s involvement and how did they communicate with one another.  Looking back at things, Rudy Giuliani had to have some knowledge about what was going on.  Today, Monday, December 12, 2016 treason charges are supposed to be filed against Giuliani, Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and FBI director, James Comey.  As of this writing, I am not aware of that have happened yet but will be interesting to see if charges are filed.  In my opinion, I think Donald Trump is making the case that he knows of Russia’s involvement to help him get elected, by calling the CIA report “laughable” and bringing up the fact they said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. We have multiple levels of government who came to the same conclusion and we have Donald Trump, and now his spokeswoman Kelly Anne Conway, criticizing the CIA.  The CIA believes that Wikileaks has information about the Republican National Committee (RNC) but has kept that information secret.  If this is true, it is very troubling.

The Electoral College has a tough job to do because our founding fathers installed the College for situations just like this.  They are supposed to vote next week and thankfully has filed to get briefings on Russia’s involvement and it’s activities in the election, and they are asking the Trump campaign for definitive proof that they had no knowledge of Russia’s involvement.  This country has been built on being protected from foreign invaders from dismantling our hard fought for republic.  This case is someone who has clear ties with Russia can just say that he has no ties even though there have been video and documentation that clearly shows otherwise.  Donald Trump and Putin have praised each other on the campaign trail, and I do hope that when this is all found out that every single person who aided Russia by not doing anything to stop it should face treason charges and convicted and sent to Federal Prison.  I don’t know about the firing squad, but in this situation, it’s part of the punishment and I wouldn’t have a problem with anyone who is helping Putin or any foreign leader who has shown hostilities toward other nations and his own people in helping a candidate get elected into office.

This is a very rapidly developing story, so keep checking back to this site for more information.