Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Update

Wonderful vista showing how huge Hyrule is in Breath of the Wild.


This will probably be my last major update for Breath of the Wild before its release. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait much longer until March 3rd. Last week, Nintendo showed a new trailer during their presentation for their upcoming console, the Switch, and we saw some new gameplay from Nintendo Treehouse. Both had some juicy tidbits I will cover in this article, along with the general specs.

Horse Riding

In last week’s Nintendo Treehouse, they showed some horse basics. We also learn that the building first seen in the TGA 2016 trailer isn’t a tradepost but a stable. Although traders will set up shop outside, as you see one walking up as you approach the stable.


After leaving the Great Plateau (the area where Link’s adventure begins), you’ll be able to tame a horse. The higher the stats of the horse, the harder it will be to tame. They showed one way of taming by sneaking up and rear mounting the horse (kind of like how you mounted a wart hog in Gerudo Desert in Twilight Princess (TP). When you manage to mount it, you have to calm the horse down before you can ride it anywhere (also similar to the warthog).


Link sneaking up on a wild horse in order to tame it.


Once you have it tamed, if you are on a road the horse will automatically do a slow run. Similar to TP you will have spurs that tell you how fast your horse can go (some horses will have more and go faster) and you just use the “Yah!” action to make the horse go faster. There is also a “Soothe” action (for anytime your horse gets out of control, and for calming it down when first tame it.) and “Whoa” for stopping.


Riding actions and spurs indicating horses faster speeds.


At the stable you will be able to register your horse and give it a name. Once it’s registered it will get a saddle. You will be able store up to 5 horses per stable. When you get separated from your horse and it’s not too far away, you can whistle for it (similar again to TP but you won’t need an item to do it). If it is too far away you will have to return to the stable to retrieve it. We also get our first glimpse of a sidequest giver, and you will have the option to feed the dog or your horse.


Quest giver beckoning to Link.


Horses can also be killed like Skyrim. You will also be able to hit enemies by running in to them and with mounted combat (again like TP). The horses stats include it’s Strength, Speed, Stamina, and temperament. It will also show the level of your bond with the horse on the side.


Horse’s stats.

Nintendo Treehouse from 1/13/17 (Treehouse Live was over 5 hours, but i have it starting at the Zelda gameplay.)



Switch Presentation Trailer

New areas and villages shown in trailer :

Beautiful lagoon near the ocean at the opening of the trailer.


Waterfalls, wonder if they hide a secret!


Kakariko like village (from present or flashback?)


Desert Village


The trailer also shows the return of several races and an important character from Ocarina of Time (OoT) and Wind Waker (WW). Gorons (a favorite of most LoZ fans) make a return. Gerudos, who were first introduced in OoT and haven’t been seen since, other than Ganon himself, make a return (though whether it is part of the flashback scenes (discussed later) is unclear.) We also see a variety of Zora (some with shark heads). Great Fairies are also making a return too. They haven’t appeared on console since WW.








Great Fairy

The Great Deku(first seen in OoT and another one in WW) will play a large part in this game as he will be in the forest above where the Mastersword rests and as we see in the trailer tells Link the that know each other but Link has forgotten.


Great Deku Tree with Master Sword below.


Link Talking to Great Deku Tree. Notice the Koroks standing on his big root.


Closer look at the Master Sword. Clearing reminiscent of the one found in the Link to The Past.

One more interesting new thing from the trailer, Link sand or snow skiing behind a new creature.




Link remembering the past will apparently play a large part in BotW as Nintendo mentions in the official description for the game on their site. “Woken from a 100-year slumber, Link must explore the wilds to regain his lost memories and save Hyrule.”

The memories show Link and Zelda trying to stop Ganon but failing as he manages to turn the Guardians to his will (as we see them leveling Castletown in the trailer.) And possibly turning some Sheikah evil (my own theory) as we see in one mysterious shot of Link fighting an adversary in red who is wearing mask with the Sheikah Eye symbol upside down. (The Guardians glowing light turns from blue to red when being controlled by Calamity Ganon.)


Castletown being destroyed by Ganon controlled Guardians.


Link battling someone wearing a mask with the Sheikah Eye turned upside down. Corrupted by Ganon perhaps?


Zelda is confirmed to be the mysterious woman in the blue and white garb similar to Link’s that we first saw in the TGA 2016 trailer. She is carrying the Sheikah slate with Link following her. It appears to be before they try to battle Ganon and have the Guardians turn against them. We later see her in a white gown fringed by gold jewelry (could be a ceremonial gown) bathing in what looks like ruins of Earth Spring or Skyview Spring from Skyward Sword. Later a dirty Link and Zelda are running (most likely from the Guardians that have turned on them.) At one point Zelda is distraught at her failure to beat Ganon. We’ll have to play the game to make more sense of these memories.


Zelda at ruined spring. Looks a like the Earth Spring and Skyview Spring from Skyward Sword.


Trailer from Nintendo Switch Presentation:


General Info

Breath of the Wild (BotW) will have autosaves as well as a multiple save system similar to games like Skyrim. This a major improvement as in the past you only had 3 or 4 slots and mostly just for new characters you created.


BotW will be optimized for the Switch. It will have better sound, and run 900 resolution on TV, 720 on handheld screen. As it is cartridge based it will run faster and not require installing to run the game. The WiiU version will require a 3GB installation before being played.

The Switch version comes in 3 varieties, the regular edition, Special Edition, and the Master Edition. Unfortunately the pre-orders for both Special and Master are already sold out and some are being scalped for outrageous prices (as well as The Switch itself)

Breath of the Wild: Special Edition comes with a Switch Sheikah Slate carrying case, a collectible coin with Sheikah Eye on it, map with a tapestry detailing the past on back, and a game soundtrack. The Master Edition comes with all of this plus a min-statute of the worn Masterword sheathed in the pedestal.


$59.99 MSRP for the WiiU


$59.99 MSRP for the Switch


$99.99 MSRP Special Edition for Switch


$129.99 Master Edition for Switch


Finally after a really long wait, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild comes out March 3 for WiiU and as one of the launch titles for the Nintendo Switch.



All pictures and video from Nintendo’s website or YouTube channel.


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