No Participation Trophy for Marla

I met Marla Maples once. Well, not really, but I felt like I got to know her on Dancing with the Stars this past season. I was oblivious as to what she did to make her a star, but the producers were all too eager to promote her as one of President Trump’s ex-wives. So that’s what she did to get on Dancing with the Stars: a trophy-wife; married and divorced a business tycoon who is now President of the United States of America. She seemed sweet enough on camera with plenty of references to “Donald”. Aside from the obvious Botox and face lift and who- knows- what- else, she did not appear to be a complete diva… ok, definitely high maintenance and obviously spoiled but not diva-esque.


Marla’s fame on Dancing with the Stars was short lived as she was voted off in week 4 of competition. Her name faded into the depths of the internet until this week when headlines read: Entitled Marla Maples, Tiffany Trump try unsuccessfully to get free hairstyling for inauguration. Allegedly, Marla asked for hair and makeup services for free. She would, however, offer publicity and exposure among her various social media outlets to Kelly, the hair dresser, as well as for the makeup artist. When this arrangement did not suit Kelly, Marla’s representative sent messages to Kelly stating “You are messing with the President of the United States.” I take this news with a grain of salt but then I am well aware we live in a world where there is a sense of entitlement. Everyone gets a participation trophy and ribbon these days so why should Marla and Tiffany not get free camera-ready services, right? So I read more. Apparently, Marla is “used to a particular life style” and since Tiffany is recently a college graduate, child support will end. And then I understood: Marla’s lavish style and days on reality shows are probably numbered and she’s in a panic. No more riding on her ex-husband’s shirt-tails and no more baby daddy’s money. Stop with name throwing and get help for your entitlement issues, Marla… (if the allegations are true; if not, I’m sorry your name was blasted in an unbecoming light across all aspects of social media).

I am utterly disgusted by the actions of those who seek affirmation because of who they know. Get out there and do something for yourself! Help people, make a difference and do not expect a trophy unless you actually win the darn thing. Maybe I am just jealous because I want to be on Dancing with the Stars. But if it takes name throwing and a sense of entitlement to get places in this world, I guess I will just be sitting around without a participation trophy dreaming up ways to get on Dancing with the Stars. Take that Marla Maples with your highfalutin self!


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