Nintendo Switch Games Update


Last month Nintendo gave us a look at some of the games coming to the Nintendo Switch. These are some of the brand new games or sequels coming to the Switch (I won’t be covering other games that are ports of previous Nintendo or third party games).

Before getting to the games here is a new video Nintendo released recently detailing the many features of the Switch.



Game Releases Update

This is an updated list of games announced for the Switch, it includes one new confirmed launch title, and some that were previously were TBA that are now coming out sometime in March or this Spring.



Brand New Games

Here are some new games that were demoed at Nintendo Switch presentation last month with the videos of the demos.



1-2-Switch is one to two player game. Each player takes a Joy-Con (one Left one Right). Game consist of mini-games that take advantage of the Switch’s new HD Rumble feature.

Here are some of the mini-games.


Players face each other and try to be the first to fire their “gun” when prompted.


Using the Joy-Cons players simulate milking a cow. Players have to fill as many cups as possible before end of time limit.

Copy Dance

Players have to copy each others poses. Winners are scored on accuracy.

Samurai Training

Players take turns trying to catch other’s Samurai sword by clapping their hands at the right time.

Table Tennis

Players play table tennis or “ping pong” if you prefer, by using audio cues to gauge when to hit the ball.

Eating Contest

This is one of the one player games where you try to eat as much as you can by using the Right Joy-Con, by holding the IR camera a few inches from your mouth and simulate eating.

Originally price $59.99 it has dropped to $49.99. As it is mainly a collection of mini-games this might too high a price for the game.

Releases Friday March 3
Publisher: Nintendo MSRP $49.99




A two player game where players take one Joy-Con each. They work together to solve puzzles by cutting shapes out of each other’s characters.

Releases March 2017
Publisher: Nintendo MSRP $19.99




A one or two player fighter game using Joy-Con or regular controllers. Players have “springy” fists that they can stretch out in order to hit their opponents. Punches can be made straight on, or given a curve. Players can grab each other by throwing both fists at the same time.

Players can choose from five different characters. Each character has a set of three different fists that can be mixed and matched. They also have different abilities. The five characters are Spring Man, Master Mummy, Ribbon Girl, Ninjarra, and Mechanica.

There are at least two different arenas. One is a normal ring with trampolines off which you can bounce opponents. The other has three tubes on each side of a rectangular arena. Tubes appear to have other “springy” fighters in a green liquid. Players can fight around these or destroy them.

Releases Spring 2017
Publisher: Nintendo MSRP $59.99



Has Been Heroes

Player controls three characters fighting enemies and collecting items while escorting the King’s daughters to school. Characters can upgrade spells as the princesses collect enemies’ souls in this side scrolling game.

Releases March 2017
Publisher: Gametrust MSRP TBA



Splatoon 2

A sequel to the Wii U hit, Splatoon 2 introduces new weapons and new characters. The object is to cover the entire playing field while incapacitating your opponents. Up to eight players can play in 4 vs 4 battles. Players can use the Joy-Cons or the Pro Controller.

Releases Summer 2017
Publisher: Nintendo MSRP TBA



Super Bomberman R

Puzzle solving game for one player or up to eight players in “Battle” mode. Like in previous Bomberman games you have to use bombs creatively to blow up obstacles or your opponents. In story mode you can play by yourself or co-op with another player.

Releases Friday March 3rd
Publisher: Konami MSRP $49.99