Let’s Talk About the “S” word

For those closest to me, this should come as no surprise that this would be my introductory article. However, all personal beliefs aside, it is something that needs discussing. While we may be out of the “Satanic Panic” of the eighties, many diabolists (myself included) still come under constant prejudice. It’s particularly difficult to live in the bible belt (as I do) and be open about being a Satanist. This is because many have no idea what we really stand for or even care to listen to our philosophies. So, from a true Satanist’s perspective, I would like to give you a little insight to our beliefs and core principles of morality. You may be surprised. Many people (“Christians” included) practice Satanism without even realizing it!

The first thing I want to state is this: THERE IS NO GOD, AND THERE IS NO DEVIL. Yes, this is the belief of any true Satanist. You see, Satanism is an atheistic, somewhat elitist religion. We believe that we act as our own higher power and think that man has always created his gods, rather than his gods creating him. If a man “discovers” a diety who generates enough followers, this man is, by proxy, being worshipped by the followers of this “god” he was “inspired” by. What an appeal this must have! The Satanist recognizes these facts and chooses to be the adversary to such nonsense, and the word for adversary in Hebrew is “Satan.” The Infernal One for us is a literary archetype, rather than anthropomorphic entity. Now that that is out of the way, let us move on.

It is widely believed that the Satanist is versed in the craft of black magic. This is false. Yes, we do participate in ritual and ceremonial magic, and this is what seperates Satanism from atheism. Our ceremonies give us the dogma and mysticism required of a “religion.” However, we do not believe our workings to be that of a miraculous nature. It is rather an intense form of psychodrama where the “magician” gets out his frustrations in a healthy, effective way. The ritual chamber is even described by Anton LaVey (author of The Satanic Bible) as the “intellectual decompression chamber.” These ceremonies are described as greater magic. Lesser magic is using sex, sentiment, or wonder on your target to manipulate them to your advantage. Even the Black Mass is just a blasphemous parody of the Catholic Mass.

Now addressing this pesky little thing called “Theistic Satanism.” There are those who believe in a living entity called Satan, and worship him as the true creator of the universe. Many of them are death metal kids, neo-nazis, and just generally disturbed individuals. If you visit the website joyofsatan.com, you will find detailed instructions on how to open your “third eye”, sell your soul, and truly curse your enemies amongst other sordid things that the true Satanist would call hogwash. These people are pitiful and an embarrassment to the real diabolical ones.

To wrap up, Satanism is a carnal (not spiritual) religion that encourages earthly pleasure and success. It is a way to live and get the most out of life, putting yourself at the center of your own universe. The Satanist’s highest holy day is his birthday, after all! And it is this desire for excellence and earthly prosperity which makes many of the worlds human inhabitants practicing Satanists without even knowing it! Obviously, the whole religion, in theory and practice, can not be fully covered in a small article, but I hope I have explained some things that those with an open mind may understand. For more information, and just good no-nonsense reads, check out The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey and The Satanic Scriptures by Peter H. Gilmore. Both are great books and should appeal to anyone who embraces rational philosophy. Until next time, my friends. Ave Satanas.