LGBTQ People Removed From 2020 Census. Resist!

Today’s headline about the deletion of the LGBT proposed inclusion of the 2020 census was the first thing I read on my Facebook feed.  According to Yahoo News and HuffPost, there was a leaked draft of subjects planned for the 2020 census and there was a section where LGBT people would be counted, but it seems that the Trump administration turned in a copy of the census to Congress with that section deleted. The reason why this is a big deal is because without the LGBT community being counted, the government will have no way to allocate resources to help the community, such as enforcement of laws to protect the LGBTQ community, access to housing and other federal funded programs. It is sad that in 2017, two years after those of us finally got the right to marry, we seem to be taking steps back. This move by the Trump administration turning in the final draft of the census, basically erased us from being counted is appalling.

This action shows that we’re not worthy of being counted among the population where we live, pay taxes and contribute a considerable amount of money to the economy of this country. I ask you to stand together and do what you can in your communities, in a peaceful and law abiding way, to stand up and resist Trump and his continued bigoted policies and seemingly thugs that he has surrounded himself with. I never thought in my days I would see America elect a person who is known to be unqualified and is trying to dismantle the very fabric of this country by only recognizing a select few news outlets, some of which are known for spreading conspiracy theories and untruths as legitimate sources (Fox News and Breitbart to name a few), while calling other news outlets like CNN “fake news”. Twinks for Trump must be exposed as a fraud and a danger to our community. We can not let those who are willingly ignorant continue to dictate policies and continue to degrade our rights. The uneducated and willingly ignorant will ultimately lead us all to a place that is ultimately dangerous. In this space in time, the United Negro College Fund slogan from the 1980s never rang more true for us all.  “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”.


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