The Two C’s of Religion

I know what you’re thinking; “Does this guy just talk about religion?” Theology is a deep subject requiring much dissection. Also, since the Holy Bible is the second favorite book of our current commander-in-chief (next to The Art of the Deal, of course) perhaps delving into the mindset of these supernatural self-help clubs would be a good way to understand the pathos of the way this twisted little world works.

In the world of religion, propaganda is key. Therefore, almost every religion would implode without two very important C words: convert and control. Let’s start with convert. This is the changing of one’s mind and ultimately the compromising of his desires, denying his carnal needs for spiritual growth. In Christianity, Buddhism, Catholicism, and other religions, there is a nasty little place called Hell. It’s where sinners go to burn, or freeze, or get tortured sadistically for all eternity. Do you know anyone who wants that? This is the first tool of their propaganda: fear. The opposite of Hell is Paradise, the ultimate ecstacy where good souls go when they die. This has a great appeal to their crowd, since many (though not all) live their lives here on earth in self-denial and self-loathing. Another integral key to converting someone is a promise of mind expansion, or the opportunity of growing in true wisdom. This usually (but not always) backfires and makes them much more cynical and ignorant to the ways of a world outside of their chapels, synagogues, temples, etc. However, their need for human companionship, their ticket to an afterlife with a comfortable climate, and the promise that they will grow in wisdom are all ensured once successfully converted.

The next C word, being control, is the fun one for many. Now, with an established system of rules and regulations, the zealous theologian is free to pass judgement (discreetly), lord over his rule in his place of worship, assert his beliefs upon his family, and start paying it forward by rounding up new converts. If anyone displeases him or wrongs him, he prays for them, as his god is just. What a truly cowardly way to deal with an asshole! Social Darwinism makes this practice unnecessary and obsolete. Plus, let’s face it, how many times has praying for ANYTHING actually produced results? Man’s own actions are what saves him. This is a very dangerous truth to the religious leader, as it would put god out of business.

In short, if we want to make it in this world, we must continue to adapt and evolve. This article is by no means meant to discourage a man from his religion. It is merely a fact-based theory on what turns the wheels of modern spirituality. I was once a devout christian, so I can honestly say I’ve seen the two C’s at work. Everything is changing. Will you be part of the (r)evolution?