North Korea Missile Fails After Launch

Today, (April 15, 2017) North Korea attempted to launch a missile one day after Kim Jong Un’s regime showed off some of its rocket arsenal in a show of military strength during a parade during a very important holiday.  There have been rising tension between North Korea over President Trump’s high caliber Tweets about how Trump feels comfortable with China reining in North Korea’s nuclear program and if China doesn’t the U.S. will.  Talk like that only adds fuel to a fire that does not need to be stoked and could have very disastrous results that we cannot yet foresee.

According to, at 5:21 p.m. ET, U.S. Pacific Command said it tracked a missile launch and that the missile almost immediately exploded.  Since the missile exploded so quickly after launch, they don’t know what kind of missile it was, but it is believed it did not have intercontinental capabilities.  At the time of this posting, there has not been any acknowledgement of the failure on Korea state media.

President Trump was made aware of the failed launch while he is at his Mar a Lago resort, and Vice President Pence was made aware as he is en route to South Korea for a previously scheduled trip.

To put some perspective on this, North Korea have been known to launch missiles this type of year.  Their missiles are not very reliable.  They’ve had some successful launches and it only takes one to hit a target.

I am sure that I’m speaking for the vast majority of American’s when I say that I hope that the powers that have control of the lives of the citizens of North America will think and have a plan that involves diplomacy and a tone down on the rhetoric that President Trump has been using, because the absolute last thing we can afford is to have a war with China and North Korea.  That could escalate to another World War and nobody with a sane mind wants nuclear weapons to be used.


Source: Hancocks, Paula and Almasy, Steve  Saturday, April 15, 2017