Blood On The Dance Floor

Memorial Day weekend is here, and with every new revelation that has come to light that the Trump administration and members within Congress have allowed a foreign power infiltrate our wonderful country, we are hoping will remain the greatest country on Earth.  I have a family member who is now deceased who fought in World War II and I wonder what he would think about what we’re learning now.  This country is in a time of extremism from both the conservative right and the liberal left, and since a lot of people only see party, there are a lot of those Republicans in Congress who hold the fate of our country in their hands.  They have decided to turn a blind eye and uphold party loyalty instead of upholding freedom, and not to protect what thousands upon thousands of American soldiers died defending.

This recent cover of TIME Magazine captures perfectly what is happening, or what has been allowed to happen.  The symbol of our country and government– the White House– is being corrupted and tainted by Russian intrusion into the government of the United States of America.  In the not too distant past, our current situation would be considered unheard of, and any person in our government who contributed to such crime against our great country would be thrown in federal prison for the remainder of their lives, or executed for treasonous actions against our government.

Our founding fathers had safeguards against having someone voted in to the highest office of the country who may have loyalties to other countries.  The safeguard which completely failed was the electoral college.  There was no where near the information that we have now, but it was known at the time of the election that Donald Trump was tied to Russia and its leader, Vladimir Putin.  The people who cast the vote in how each state voted could have done their jobs, raised concerns, and refused to cast their vote for Donald Trump.  Such a move would have been unprecedented, but it would have been putting country first.  Paul Ryan asking for secrecy when it became known about Russia and the Trump administration, to Donald Trump’s son-in-law being a person of interest and also Donald Trump firing James Comey and obstructing justice.

It’s not just in our government, but also with the people in this country who stay home and do not get out and exercise their basic freedom to vote allowed a Republican candidate who body slammed a reporter got elected into office– behavior that 10 years ago would have been so horrific that he or she would not have had a chance of getting elected into office of any type, depending on geographic location.  Freedom of the press is a very important constitutional right in this country, and for it to be assaulted by Donald Trump and those in the Republican Party who support Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to every one of us.

Back in 1944, Americans and our allies stormed the beaches of Normandy, France in what would become known as “D-Day.”  Our soldiers and allies were fighting a threat, an extremist party in Germany who became a threat to the region and potentially the world.  Adolf Hitler was elected by the people of Germany, but his thirst for power lead the country into a downward spiral that is now tainted with horrific treatment of certain groups– the Jews and homosexuals– because they were demonized and were blamed for the problems of Germany of the time.  Hitler and the Nazi party were seen as a threat to the United States national security.  Although it was the bombing of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii by Japan that got America into the war, we fought alongside of Canadians, and other allies to fight the Nazi Party and eventually America did use nuclear bombs in Japan helped pave the way for the end of World War II.  I wonder if they are rolling over in their graves to know how far this country has fallen?  When will this country be given back to those of us who know that compromise is important and necessary?  We need our allies, and right now we have a President who will spit in the face of our closest allies around the world?

Donald Trump has given classified information to other leaders, has called Germans evil people, has given Saudi Arabia 110 billion dollars (out of the 19 hijackers who carried out the September 11th attacks, 15 were from Saudi Arabia, and the other 1 from Lebanon, 1 from Egypt, 2 from United Arab Emirates).  What happens when other leaders are beginning to distance themselves from this country because of this president and that will leave America very vulnerable.

D-day was the day that the Allied powers landed on the beach in France to begin the liberation of Western Europe from Nazi control in World War II, and as I think about the sacrifices of our troops in that war and others before and since, I give them thanks this Memorial Day weekend, but also the threat that President Trump and some in Congress are putting our country in peril from being put in a situation where things could get much worse and very dangerous.  Our democracy could be eroded and parts of our Constitution is being openly threatened, and yet a good portion of the Republican voter are either complacent, turn a blind eye or refuse to believe that this great party we call democracy that a wound has been given to our country and while they continue to dance and slave to the rhythm of their lives, ignore the blood that is on the dance floor and the ghostly cries of our fallen to not let their sacrifice be in vain.