Chaos Reigns In Trump’s America

What an exciting past few days we have seen here in the good ol’ USA! I don’t mean that in a good way either. Bad news has been broken for those who claim either side of the imaginary line in the political sand. Starting with the biggie: if the last week in news could be summed up in one sentence, it would simply be “Pre-Existing Condition.” In case you missed it, which is damn near impossible, the American Health Care Act or AHCA, has narrowly passed. What does this mean for Americans? Unless drastic revisions are made before it is signed into law, it means hundreds of billions of dollars cut from medicaid, great spikes in premiums for high risk pools and those with pre-existing conditions (which is a vast list covering everything from pregnancy to mental illness), and married couples being required to file jointly to receive tax credits, even when domestic violence/abuse occurs… NO EXCEPTIONS. There are many other atrocities in this disease of a law, too many to mention here. However, it cannot be said that Mr. Trump is turning a blind eye to all demographics in trying to pass ACA; the wealthy will still get their beloved cuts to taxes! What is the left doing to be the voice of reason?

Stephen Colbert just pulled a c*ck-holster joke about Trump and Putin…that’s about as good is we got this week, which is no better than the liberal equivalent of a teabagger joke. Hard opposition from the left minority in the House and Senate seem completely intangible. Perhaps it is time for revolution. If our government representatives will do nothing to stop the rise of the fight’s “neo-fascism”, then a grass roots movement grounded in facts, political strategy, and peaceful but firm revolution is needed to prevent the next Civil War. Uneducated bias must be rooted out as a social cancer. Bigotry, in ALL forms, must be eradicated. This regime must not be allowed to grow and revel in its toxicity. Misinformation is a growing epidemic in our homeland and is more dangerous than Trump could ever be. Misinformation allowed ACA to pass (For example, it was not reviewed by official nonpartisan financial projectors prior to being pitched). What will misinformation lead to next? Abortion and gay marriage being outlawed? Trump and his followers are elitists and pseudo a politicians who get nods and win by pandering to swing voters by delivering a type of Trojan horse: visually appealing, catastrophic when allowed to enter.

At last Summer’s Democratic Convention, Michelle Obama pinned the unofficial new slogan of the party: “When they go low, we go high.” She was referring to going above and beyond at the polls, which obviously was not done. This motto, however, need not be abolished to save things from further escalating, just applied in a different area. If the initial voting was a bust, we must take Barack Obama’s advice from his farewell speech to heart and start with ourselves. We must collect surveys, start petitions, run for public office. Otherwise, we may be looking at a very slippery slope. As the world’s leading superpower, America has set a piss-poor example for the rest of the world in 2017, and the year is not quite half over. However, it is imperative that those of sound mind not abandon hope.

To conclude, I would like to make a statement. I am a lover of independent cinema. One of my favorites is a work by Lars Von Trier starring Wilam Dafoe called “Anti Christ.” I will not go into its story as to do so would stray from our subject completely. However, I will tell that there is great political and interpersonal symbolism that manifests in a most esoteric manner visually. In one scene, Dafoe is walking in the wilderness when he stumbles upon an auto cannibalistic fox disemboweling itself. The fox looks up and says in a disturbingly deep human voice, “Chaos reigns.” I find great relevance in this imagery to our country. Our government becoming self mutilating and thrives on chaos and hatred. The time for change did not end with Obama’s departure from the oval office. It is needed now more than ever.