Trump and King Salman

  Saturday in Saudi Arabia, President Donald on his physical break the states, was warmly welcomed by Government persons of Saudi Arabia. Business agreements and Saudi security were present themes at Trumps overseas trip. The business side of politics led to a number including $110 billion, heading towards a military hardware/weaponry package. During a meeting with Crown Prince Nayef, says Trump;  “That was a tremendous day, tremendous investments in the United States.” Trumps initial foreign trip to Saudi Arabia was a first in U.S.A. Presidents history. The President toured Riyadh with his firing of James Comey circulating through shares and clicks inside and outside the background of the internets weblature.
  Election campaign’s possible ties to Russia have investigations linked around it. How Trumps mentality soaked in the new country’s sensory stimuli has been noted as positive. Maybe even a breath of fresh air when paired next to the drama of our FBI lead being fired. King Salman greeted Trump after his red eye flight. In keeping with the traditions of Westernism, Melania Trump wore a black pantsuit with gold belt, but did not cover her hair. Reaction to this move will continue to bubble up and be analyzed in upcoming weeks world wide web and physical newspaper writings. The Collar of Abdulaziz al Saud is the kingdom’s highest civilian honor. Salman decided this award belongs to Donald Trump, following Putin, Obama and Theresa May who have also received the gold medal. It was given on a red carpet of the Royal Court, where Trump had it placed around his neck by King Salman.
   With spectacles such as blue, white and red smoke trailing behind military jets, speculation of Obama being less popular among this nation may be entering the populations spectators thought trains. At eighty one, King Salman decided to splash an array of palace ballrooms on Americas current President as a ‘Hi, hello first time visitor of my country,’ hospitality style. Saudis were not so much big fans of Obama’s nurturing style to Iran relations and also some expressed frustrated by his reserved attitude on Syrias civil war-like reality state. Secretary of State Tillerson wants the idea of deflating networks of terrorism, mainly in Iran, to be his strong solitary message. “bint Trump” was blowing up twitter inside of Saudi Arabia as it equates to ‘daughter of Trump’.
   Several major U.S. companies CEO’s joined in on traveling with Donald. Tanks, combat ships, missile defense systems, radar communications, and cybersecurity technology would be the toys of a ten year 350 billion dollar deal. The state claims this would open and design tens of thousands of American jobs. Between over fifty regional leaders, combating Islamic State and Extremists remained the central focal point of the meetings. Trump urges unity in the fight against radicalism in the Muslim world. He would like to see more Arab leaders strategize tactics on driving out the terrorists of their worshiping places. It sounds like lots and lots of money was spent from this initial trip and his plan is to combat terrorism. Meeting with the Pope is an upcoming agenda item.