Sadly Sickened or Simply Delusional

At the Borough Market in London, men with large knives were seen stabbing people.  A car that had bulldozed and rammed people walking certain sidewalk areas of the London Bridge was reported during the same evening.  A reported 6 people are dead.  Officers killed the three suspects.  It’s just like, what the heck?  Why and how are men of this world so distraught and angry?  What kind of brainwashing or worshiping is going on to push this sickened madness?  I think the healers and political healers of all nations need to pause and persuade themselves to slide and dig into the inspiration of suicidal killers.  It may never end, but certain individuals may have the power to bring the want of this reality down a notch.

More than 30 people were injured besides the six fatalities.  Much of the area in London was cleared out and people were told to remain cautious.  It’s so fucking sad when innocent people die for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  These early reports are considering it terrorist stuff.  What I want to know is, what exactly do the more sickened and suicidal terrorists think of the word “terrorist?”  Are terroristic individuals more so forced or voluntarily involved in acts of killing from the past?  I wonder if grudges from family members being previously killed unfairly inspire some to kill.  To be an idiotic sheep and succumb to suicide bombing or random attacks nears this darkened avenue of why?

I don’t think some special concert with famous singers that have made a good chunk of change is going to actually change this.  We are talking about deranged damaged minds that have an angered delusional belief towards the random public of certain areas, sometimes completely random.  One man of this current incident hid in a garbage can to save his life.  I wonder if cameras and microphones can actually help prevent larger scale attacks.  I wonder how a certain god or belief can write this as OK.  With tons and tons of troubled mindsets, its going to take some type of super kind massive healer to channel anti-death into the sickliest of the sickest sickened.



We all use keyboards to put our brain mouth on digital black and white. We all get affected when we see and or hear of terrorists randomly striking. The wise realists know that there is nothing we can actually do to put a true end toward these style of attack acts. What would the earliest genius/philosopher type of humans request if they jumped into 2017 news? What do teachers touch on if certain accounts are brought up by talkative kids in class? If suicidal individuals want their face after death on papers and world wide web sites, by doing sick evil they likely may get that. If terrorist do sad selfish acts of extreme delusional succumbings, billions just wonder why. What is, or what has been the definition of peace?.. from the humans who have carried on horrid deadly acts towards random others?
I mean… part of me wants to guess at drug inspiration. Maybe there is a type of brainwashing mind alterer out there that the general public hasn’t been notified of. Maybe its just targeting those who have become prone to hallucinations and delusions from their own innate dna stemming  from their minds nature side. Maybe the nurture side has created dark paths from the elderly deranged disorganized fantasy speaker/thinker/teacher/preacher’s. If youth are exposed, then who is going to guide them away. What may pull certain souls from eluding and vice versa?


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