Marvel’s “The Defenders”: Review

What do you get when you bring together four different people, each with a unique set of abilities under their belt? You get sarcasm, anger and a whole lot of broken buildings. Marvel’s ‘The Defenders’ is the newest addition to the Netflix catalog. It brings together Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Daredevil. I have to admit, going into this series I was extremely excited due to fact that Jessica and Luke would be on screen together. The first time since they went their separate ways at the end of ‘Jessica Jones’. This show did not disappoint at all. Although it is only 8 episodes long, it never seemed like they were trying to rush any of the content.

The first few episodes were built to show us what each member of the team was up to. Jessica was still recovering from taking down Kilgrave, not really wanting to be the hero that everyone was saying that she was. She was avoiding everything in her usual, lovable way. By getting drunk and spitting out sassy sarcasm at anyone that would listen, which is why I love her character so much. Krysten Ritter has done an amazing job with this character. Luke was being released from Jail and was patrolling the streets of Harlem, just like Pops would have wanted. Matthew Murdock aka Daredevil had put down the mask for good and was struggling to cope with that decision. Meanwhile, the Iron Fist had chased the ‘Hand’ back to New York in order to stop the plan they were putting in motion.

Events occur and it brings all of these people together to form the Defenders. I won’t spoil what happens, but Marvel and Netflix really made something special with this one. My favorite scene in the entire series is when they all come together for the first time randomly in the enemy building and a full on brawl breaks out and the group takes them down together. From the characters to the story, everything was put together perfectly. There were also some surprising twists, fan favorites returning and tons of Easter eggs were placed throughout each episode. After watching, it will leave you with a great feeling, like you can’t wait to see what each individual hero is going to be up to in the next seasons of their respective shows.

The Defenders is full of nonstop action, nonstop sarcasm and funny moments but also mixed with the right amount of seriousness needed in a superhero setting. If you’re a fan of everything Marvel, then this show is definitely for you. Even if you’re just a fan of one hero in the show, you’ll leave wanting to go back and watch the other episodes for the hero you may have looked over. Overall, I highly recommend giving this masterpiece a watch. Bring your friends, family, and pets along for the ride because you will not be able to stop watching after the first episode. I promise.

The Defenders is now streaming on Netflix, full season available.

Score: 10/10

Price: $9.99 subscription