Paranormal- What’s it mean to you?

Paranormal, supernatural and phenomenal… What do you think about when you hear these words? Do you think about Vampires or monsters? Maybe you think about aliens or some other sort of mythical being. No matter what you think about when you hear or see these words, you are right.

In today’s world its all about fitting in and following the pack. Well, not everyone fits this description; there are a select few like myself that prefer to think out of the box. I am a firm believer that there is more out there than meets the eye; I mean, we can’t see air, but we know it’s there. So why are so many people in the world so closed minded? Is it, perhaps, that if they don’t understand something than it can’t be real? Are they so self absorbed that if they can’t solve the puzzle it must not exist?

To me, paranormal means many things; it can mean a higher being, or it can mean a spiritual presence of an apparition, or even something as simple as an unexplained noise. Some people have a gift for these types of things and can sense the supernatural and phenomenal. It takes a special person to be able to handle and control these gifts. Learning to deal with the unexpected, bracing oneself for the unknown it’s a hard task at times.

Anyone can possess these gifts if they focus and learn to concentrate on the bigger picture, and not just what’s in front of them. There are so many ways to adapt to a new thinking, from lucid dreaming to divergent thinking. I love lucid dreaming; once you understand how it works you can control and interact in your dreams. If you want to change how things are going, you can change it. It takes a lot of practice, though, to train your brain to allow you to lucid dream; You must focus and concentrate while lucid dreaming in order to keep control, because if you lose focus, you will wake up and lose the dream. It’s a good idea to clear your mind before going to sleep so that its easier to lucid dream. You must find a focal point and focus on that, such as every time you see your hand grab a doorknob, you will know you are dreaming and can begin controlling the outcome of your dreams. It can work wonders for those who fear dreams or nightmares. If you can control it, there is nothing to fear.



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    Monica 3 years

    I totally agree with these points points here. Alot of the way I see things and believe. Very good read!

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    Angel 3 years

    Love this article! Very interesting and intriguing….Keep up the good work.

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    Amber 3 years

    This was very interesting article. I loved it. Keep up the great work!

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