Being an Empath- Feeling Deeper Than Normal

Dealing with being an Empath.

Have you ever been called too sensitive or too emotional? Ever had Déjà vu or felt as if you knew what was going to happen? Having a strong intuition or the sudden urge of emotional weight latch upon you could indicate you are an Empath. Having Empathy means you have the ability to sense or feel emotions from others around you without them verbally telling you how they feel. About 15-20% of the world’s population is extremely sensitive to the energy that comes from other people, animals, and even nature.

There are several traits of Empaths which include hating public places because they absorb so much energy from people that being in a group of them can cause the person to have an emotional overload and it can entice anxiety or panic attacks. An empathetic person also can’t watch violence or anything of the nature that causes fear and trauma. Watching a violent movie or even the news can trigger such an emotional surge that it can be too much for that person to fight off. They will hold onto the emotion that was absorbed and it begins to torment them from the inside out.

Another trait of an Empath is the ability to know when someone is lying; they can sense the negative energy that a lie produces and even if the lie is to hide how a person is feeling the Empath can seek it out in an instant. The one thing an Empath can’t stand is for someone to lie to them, especially when it’s a lie that is to cover up for something bad, like if your spouse lies to you about cheating, the Empath feels that lie and it tears at their emotions at a higher level than if the person had told the truth. Another thing an Empath dislikes is a Narcissist, or as they call them an energy vampire. The Narcissist will suck the life force from an Empath faster than that of a normal person. They are drawn to them to try and help them but if they get too close it can be chaos for the Empath.

Some other things that Empaths experience are constant fatigue from the constant energy battle, the more people they are around the easier they become tired or drained so to speak. They are easily distracted or bored, they must know answers; if something is bothering and Empath they must find the answers to their questions. They sometimes have extreme mood swings from the emotional energy they absorb; even if they are happy they can seem annoyed if a person near them is upset or irritated as they draw in their feelings. Empaths want to help people, they try to suck the negative out of a person to relieve them of their emotions but at the same time if the Empath doesn’t know how to channel it properly it leaves them vulnerable to getting sucked into the negativity that they absorb.

This can be a gift as well as a curse; you will find yourself wanting to hate someone for their actions or something they have said, but as an Empath you understand why that person did what they did or said what they said, and even though you want to let the anger take over, you can’t. It is very frustrating as you can feel others emotions but when it comes to your own you shrug it off knowing that your feelings don’t have to express your inner thoughts. Your inner self will tell you why you feel this way and why you need to let it go. It can be a good trait, but it can also cause you problems as you can’t just let it go or be angry; it will always be there saying to you yes, they did this, but they are struggling, and we must take their pain away. We are the ones that help others heal even if it means our scars are deepened with every new emotion we absorb.