The Gifted: Episode 1-4 Synopsis & Impressions

Episode 1-4 Recap

For a while now, Marvel universe fans have been clamoring for a decent series for the X-Men group. With FOX at the helm, we have seen an unsteady rising and falling slope when it comes to dealing with our favorite mutants. But with this new series ‘The Gifted’, I believe they may have just gotten it right this time around.

The series puts us in the shoes of the Strucker family. Set in a timeline where the X-Men have disappeared and a Sentinel like era is in effect, making the series most likely take place in the ‘Day’s of future past’ timeline. The world has begun to carry out an anti-mutant regiment after the July 15th incident, one likely involving the X-men & the Brotherhood. Running behind the prosecution of these dangerous mutants is Reed Strucker. A man who believes that he is doing the right thing by sending these mutants to be locked away, not even being aware of how horrible the containment camps actually are. His wife Caitlin and two kids Lauren and Andy, are all trying to live a safe and quiet life.

While at a school dance, Andy is heavily bullied and assaulted in the boys’ locker room, causing the X-gene inside of him to fully manifest and destroy half of the school. After surfing through the sea of chaos in the gym, Lauren finds her brother, screaming and crying on the floor. Just as rubble is about to crash down, Lauren creates a shield of protection. This, in the end, shows that both kids are indeed mutants. With their father being a prosecutor of mutants and society hating them, you can see how this does not work out well for the Strucker family.

The news portrays the mutants who caused the damage to the school to be ‘dangerous’, causing Sentinel Services to come knocking at the door of the Strucker household, so Caitlin and the kids have no choice but to run. In order to find a safe haven for his family, Reed contacts the mutant underground and makes a deal with Marcos Diaz aka Eclipse. In exchange for his help, Reed agreed to aid Marcos in the recovery of his detained girlfriend Lorna Dane aka Polaris, the pregnant, metal bending mutant who Reed was charged with representing.

Polaris was captured during a rescue mission for Clarice Fong aka Blink. She was accompanied by her fellow underground companions Eclipse and John Proudstar aka Thunderbird, the leader of the underground group. As the family finds refuge with the underground at their safe house, Reed is captured by Sentinel Services during their escape and is held with Polaris. The family works together with the underground in order to bring their loved ones home. With the help of the mutant underground, the Strucker’s plan an ambush of the convoy, carrying both Polaris and Reed. In the end, the group is reunited with each other and make it out alright. But judging from the preview for episode 5, war is most definitely on the way. Can the mutant underground really take up arms against a force like Sentinel Services? I suppose we will find out.


So far ‘The Gifted’ has left an amazing mark on me. Even without seeing the characters that we all know and love, we are given new and exciting characters to bond with. I have to say, Polaris has become my favorite mutant on the show. With it being implied that she is the daughter of Magneto in this timeline, her powers are amazing. Being able to bend metal to her will and become a walking magnet. Others like Blink who can open portals, Eclipse who can basically shoot white hot light from his body, Thunderbird who is incredibly strong and has inhuman tracking abilities or many of the other mutants easily make an impression on the viewers. Each coming with their own lovable quirks and personalities.

With the rescue arc out of the way, the real fighting is about to begin. The show did a fantastic job of keeping me locked in for 4 episodes, giving the characters and plot a thick layer of meat, so when the pace picks up the viewers are already fully invested in these characters and their stories. I’m anxious to see what comes next. With the timeline seemingly being in the ‘Days of future past’ area, it makes me wonder if they’ll introduce characters like Rachel Summers? She is the daughter of Scott Summers and Jene Grey in this particular timeline.

The character Roderick Campbell, who is a mutant researcher in the show, is the one who founded HOUND in the comics, A group that uses mutants to track down and capture other mutants. Rachel was forced by HOUND to do just that. With her psychic abilities and the Phoenix having bonded with her she is able to see into other people’s minds and know their thoughts, feeling, and location at all times. Just like her mother. In episode 4 the first HOUND was revealed to be Pulse, a mutant who can negate any energy source, as well as other, nullify the abilities of mutants. With the main villain expected to be Ahab aka Roderick Campbell, who was also Summers’ handler, her appearance could fit perfectly in this series.

There is so much potential going forward and think the showrunners are doing a phenomenal job at taking it in the right direction. You will never know who might make an appearance or who might be lost in the show’s lifespan. One thing is for sure though, fans of beloved comic book series and franchise will greatly enjoy this series. So if you have not tuned in yet I highly suggest that you do so. You can easily catch up before episode 5 airs next week.

‘The Gifted’ airs every Wednesday night at 9/8 central on FOX. Watch on FOX Demand or on Hulu.



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